6 Gem Food Spots In Delhi

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Old Delhi is like a playful labyrinth for foodies. Not only are there people in every corner but also some or the other food shop selling its absolutely best! Most people come here to absorb the vibe of this place because in big fat words it is CrAzY. Everything is just so cuddled up here. This place is the real connection between nostrils and satisfied taste buds.

Shiv Misthan Bhandar- A lot of places use ghee (clarified butter) to fry stuff and they do it over and over again till it becomes a little black in colour and denser in consistency. But here, everytime they use fresh ghee to fry their fresh batch of jalebis, puris and to make sabjis. It is one of the appreciated places not only for its taste but also for its hygiene.

Their JALEBI, a coil-like saffron coloured sweet, is very crisp! You can also sprinkle some salt over it and eat it. The PURI they served with ALOO KI SABJI (potato curry) was very puffy yet solid and granular in texture. Everything there was a definition of a very Indian breakfast!

Hemchand Ladli Prashad- “It's so good, I could live here” was said by a London based celebrity chef after eating this shop’s MILK CAKE. It is granular in texture and has the goodness of milk and sugar. Consider it a wonder cake! Even better, call it India’s best milk cake!

China Ram Sindhi Halwai- Here, we tried a box full of sweets. There was SEV BADAM made from chickpea flour, COCONUT BARFI, CASHEW BARFI and KARACHI HALWA. Everything was superbly delicious and you can’t leave Old Delhi without giving the sweet joy your taste buds dearly deserve!

Old Kheer Shop- KHEER is like a pudding. It is usually granular but here, it is creamy and smooth. It is rich but not overly heavy and just mildly sweet. Till date, no one knows the recipe of this very very gorgeous dessert.

Even for a lot of Indians, it is going to be a new kind of a Kheer and it will most certainly blow your mind.

Fun Fact- This shop goes way back! It was established in 1818 and it still has preserved the old logo. It is up on their wall. Food rides are even crazier when you know you are going to be visiting a place with too much of a history.

Aslam Chicken- BUTTER CHICKEN’s one bite at this place is just “Mmmmmmm!”. It is hard to get over it. The sheer goodness of the dripping butter with a small piece of grilled chicken wrapped in a morsel torn from a soft roti is….. the real OG!

The grilled (tandoored) chicken is marinated in loads of butter, spices, yogurt and cream. This is proper Delhi Food. Utterly, Butterly, Delicious!

Cool Point Shahi Tukda- As the name suggests, we ate SHAHI TUKDA at the Cool Point. It is a sweetened bread cut in triangular pieces but these guys serve it all crumbled, topped with Khoya. It is actually more than “just sweetened” bread. It has some rich, beautiful flavours in it. Imagine it to be a sweet of the Moghul times but there is a twist, they top with two large scoops of mango ice cream and it takes the flavour to a whole new level. Very unique and tasty!

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