7 Amazing Eating Spots Of Zakir Nagar

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Zakir Nagar is a treat to Mughlai food lovers! But it is much more pocket friendly than Old Delhi and there’s no compromising on the taste and the quantity served. It is a muslim majority bustling area which refelcts cultural and traditional values of its residing people. We tried their Iftar food and were very impressed by the flavours and the hospitality.

Javed Ki Famous Nahari

Nalli Nahari- It is a rich, delectable meat gravy in which shanks and bone marrow are slowly cooked in aromatic spices. They put long strands of shredded ginger along with chopped chillies and loads of ghee (clarified butter) in it.

The speciality of this shop is that they put Ghee in it, you would not really find it anywhere else. It just adds to the Zaayka of the dish! With soft Khameeri Roti, the entire combination is a little wonder when chewed in the mouth.

Nawabi Kheer- Kheer is a sweet dish which is usually liquidy but here they serve it quite dense like a pudding. It has a similar consistency to that of a Rabri. It was made with rice, milk, sugar and cardamoms.

Note- The Nalli Nahari is available here during Ramzan time from evening to early morning of the next day.

Price- INR 50 per plate.

Chacha Sharbat Vaale- This cart is owned by an old man and he sells Roohafza. A super refreshing drink which is made from rose concentrate, lemon juice, sugar syrup and water. He has been selling this cool drink for 10 years now!

Roaming around in the desire to explore Zakir Nagar can leave anyone tired but after trying this, you’ll be all Taro-taza (fresh)!

Price- INR 10 per glass.

Shafiq Chicken Corner

Butter Chicken Tikka- These are grilled boneless chicken pieces marinated with butter and spices. It is served with onion sliced in rings and Pudina Ki chutney (Mint Chutney). We suggest you order it with Roomali Roti because Khameeri Roti usually doesn’t do justice to Tikkas.

It has a very rich flavour of butter and curd along with fennel. It strongly blends into each other and produces a fine taste!

Chicken Seekh Kebab- Quoting our founder, “Ye bhi bahut behtareen hai” means “This too is amazing”! Seekh Kebab looks like a pipe because it is hollow from the inside. The chicken is ground finely and then this shape is given to it. The right way to eat it is, put it in a roti, garnish it with some sliced onions and chutney and then roll it. You’ll be good to go!

Price- INR 40 per stick.

Gul Bahaar Chicken Fry- Imagine a SUPER CRISPY piece of chicken, juicy and luscious from the inside topped with a few slices of onion and a drop of pudina ki chutney. Wait, then sprinkle some chaat masala and squeeze some lemon over it and then eat.

This place will serve your imagination and the taste is completely out of the world!

Can't describe how good it was, watch the video below and feel it.

Price- INR 80 per plate.

Madina Biryani Centre- They serve perfectly cooked Biryani and a ladle of Daleema is poured over it. Daleema is basically like a porridge which has lentils, spices, chicken pieces and wheat in it.

Here, there’s a shift from Pudina Ki chutney to Tomato and Garlic Chutney. It is mildly spicy and the combination is very good. It is a very famous outlet and after trying it, it did not seem to be overrated at all!

Talib Kebab Corner- This place is a must visit for Seekh Kebab lovers! These are grilled over charcoal fire on a skewer and have a very smoky flavour to them. They will not melt in the mouth but instead, you can strongly taste the flavour of raw ground meat in it. It is very juicy, crispy from the outside and soft from the inside. Just flattering!

Note- This shop opens in the evening and shuts down around 10 pm.

Ashraf Kheer Shop- Ashraf Kheer Shop is famous for its Rabri and Kheer. They serve Rabri in an earthen cup. It has slippery plain flavoured noodles at the bottom also known as Faaluda, which is topped with rose concentrate syrup and obviously Rabri (a thick milk pudding which has dry fruits in it).

Next up was the Kheer (rice and milk pudding) which was served cold in an earthen bowl and was topped with Rabri. Both the desserts were very flavourful and rich in taste!

Price- INR 40- 50 per glass/bowl.

We also ate Chhole, Meetha Samosa, Keema Samosa, Keema Goli, Shahi Tukda and Kachris bought from the local unnamed carts. Overall, it was an amazing amazing experience!

To watch us try all these Iftar delicacies at Zakir Nagar, watch the video below:


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