7 Best Food Spots In Pushkar

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7 Best Food Spots In Pushkar

Pushkar, a bright city in Rajasthan can easily be explored in a few hours on foot. Infact, you will even start recognizing the faces of the people. The place has its touristy relevance for all and FOODIES! Even though sometimes you see food innovation here, it still doesn’t help in popping the traditional bubble and that is the grace Pushkar presents itself with!

Let’s take you through!

Pizza Pakwan and Poha- Consider it a Pushkar style Pizza! The base is a huge mathri (a flaky biscuit) and it is first lathered with light and fluffy poha and then with dal (lentil curry). To give it a perfect fulfilling look, some chopped onions, tomatoes, chutney, bhujiyas and masalas (spices) are rained on it.

It looks very colourful and nice just like the people of Pushkar! The crunch of the mathri and softness of the poha blends perfectly!

Did you know?

It is inspired from Dal Pakwan which is a Sindhi dish. It is the same, just eliminate the poha (puffy flattened savoury rice) and the extra vegetable ornaments. So, just the mathri and dal. And, the poha comes from central India.

Take a note- The stall is a limited everyday edition from 6 am to 10 am.

Venue- Pushkar Breakfast Corner

Pakora with Kadhi- In many places you might have seen pakoras with chutney but here the pakoras are marinated in kadhi and served like that. Kadhi is a besan or gram flour based curry. And, the pakoras or fritters are made from spinach and diced bottle gourds.

It is mild on the spiciness and the chutneys. And also fritters are very light and they become soft by absorbing the kadhi.

Note- Come before 10 or you’ll lose it! (we believe in winning and losing in terms of food:)

Venue- Pushkar Chaat Bhandar

Kachori with Mango Chutney- Kachori is a refined flour, deep fried, flaky disc. It has the filling of moong dal (a lentil type) and mashed potatoes. It further is laced with dripping mango chutney. It has a khatta- meetha or sweet tangy flavour.

Our founder, Mr Anubhav Sapra, reminisced about his mom’s cooking. The Kachori- chutney was a homely hug to him in the temple city of Pushkar. What better!

Venue- Ugma Ji Shop

Malpua- Bikaner to us was a ‘Land of Malpuas’. Literally every nook and corner had a shop selling these, so we went with the best locally recommended, Sarvadiya Mishtan Bhandar! Malpuas are basically fried pancakes, dipped in a sugar syrup.

The one special thing here was that they didn’t use water, instead they used rabri (reduced milk) which produced a very nutty texture. It was superbly hot and a freshly made melt in the mouth.

Venue- Sarvadiya Mishtan Bhandar

Lafa and Pizza Roll- Pushkar mainly has a lot of tourists from the middle east, hence, some of the food is inspired by this! Our first dive was a falafel. It was a properly stuffed roll which had garlic paste, humus, sliced tomatoes, cheese layers, tomato chilli sauce, olives, chickpea patty, potato wedges and mushrooms.

Most importantly it was cooked in olive oil, so, that’s like a bonus point.

Our next dig was a pizza roll which was more or less the same, just eliminating the humus, the chickpea patty and potato wedges. And, you are good to go!

Venue- Ganga Restaurant

Lassi-Lassi is a sweetened curd based drink. Here, it was very thick and topped with gulkand and rabri. Gulkand is a rose flavoured jam and it is very cool and refreshing.

Venue- Kumawat Makhaniya Lassi

Mix Veg Paratha - Paratha is a flatbread. It can be made plain and stuffed. With Lalji Paratha Wala, we opted for the third option which is almost bursting super loaded paratha! It had what not! Tomatoes, chillies, bhujiya, cheese , coriander, ginger, cottage cheese etc.

The chutneys served with it were no less. There was mint chutney, tomato garlic chutney and garlicky curd topped with chopped onions. It is definitely a must try if you are reading this!

Time- The stall is available from 7pm till 12 midnight.

Venue- Lala Ji Paratha Wala

To get a glimpse of the beautiful Puskar city and its charming food, watch the video below!


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