Auroville Food Tour

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Running high on greenery, Auroville is an experimental township located in Tamil Nadu, India. It is a cashless society where people live and do whatever they want. Some people meditate, some indulge in crafts, some spend time by volunteering at the bakeries inside the township etc. There is no law and no discrimination here. A lot of locals and foreigners live here together in peace and harmony. Here, at Auroville life is larger and better than money and you can enjoy the time as it flies.

Our team decided to go to Auroville and explore the tiny pockets of happy foods. The best part is we hitchhiked to all the places, maybe you could too!

Chocolate Muffins at Auroville Bakery- What a day to start with! These muffins are very soft and gooey from the inside. Full with the goodness of chocolate, they have crunchy tops. The occasional melting of chocolate chips in the mouth with moist bread is to die for!

These look like tiny chocolate mushrooms just how our mothers would make it!

Curd Rice at a Local Stall- Curd and Rice is tempered with mustard seeds and is tangy and sweet in taste. It is one of the famous things South Indians relish.

Tip- Try it with a lemon pickle.

Bread and Chocolate Cafe-You should try the Orange Strawberry Cake! The cake is perfectly baked and has that sponginess to it. The surface is lathered with a jam-like dark brown substance. To smell the orange- strawberry cake in the vanilla scented cafe is the definition of going lazy on yourself.

Cold Drip Coffee at Marc’s Cafe- The ambience of this place smells strongly of roasted coffee. The Cold Drip Coffee we tried was made from the Kaveri Blend. It looks like an espresso but is only slightly bitter.

It smells like an assortment of caramel, grapes, chocolate and with hints of citric. Kaveri Blend has distinct sandalwood and a stone fruit taste which will keep you going through the day.

It is served cold with crystal ice cubes in it. Our local host said,“The good thing is, it gives you the feel of having a wine but it is actually coffee. So, you are high on coffee.”

Fun Fact- The brew is done here by allowing the coffee to drip and collect slowly over a span of nearly 20 hours. Indeed, a dedicated preparation!

Maiyan Past Food- There’s a board outside the eatery which says ‘Lunch Prepared with Traditional Wisdom’. Here everything is served in utensils made from clay and all the ingredients used are local produce only.

Everyday is a new day with new food. This is why they don't have a menu.

What we tried was unpolished rice, a paste of bitter gourd, kokum chutney, coconut rasam, lobia and bajra ladoo. It was a light and delicious meal.

Price- INR 500 for two people approximately.

Chicken Salami Pizza at Hot Pizzeria- This shop is family run and the members take jobs of baking it turn by turn. The pizza is baked in a wood-fired pizza oven just like the traditional Italian way.

The pizza has a perfectly cooked crust with a nice flavour of garlic and toppings of chicken salami. It is very gooey and hot.

Note- This place is outside Auroville.

Price- INR 400 for two people approximately.

Red Banana Lassi at Richy Rich- Red Banana because it is red in colour is only available in South India. It is creamier and has twice the nutrition than the usual one. It is very thick and creamy and one glass of this lassi leaves you tightly packed.

Price- INR 80 per glass.

This township promotes Vegan and Vegetarian meals and the quality of everything is much appreciated. It is rich in greenery and if you ever plan to visit this township, don’t forget to try our (read locals) recommendations.

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