Bangalore Breakfast Trail

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Bangalore, officially known as Bengaluru is the largest city of Karnataka besides being the capital. Located on the Deccan plateau Bangalore boasts of a beautiful green landscape, broad streets and a rich collection of palatable delicacies, especially with some noteworthy variety in breakfast dishes.

Delectable, healthy and light, Bangalore has an amazing assortment of just breakfast foods to kickstart your most important meal of the day.

Find out what are some of the best breakfast dishes from the city and where to have them below!

Veena Stores

Idli and Vada- Soft idli and Urad daal Vada served with a delicious coconut and gram chutney.

Price- INR 45

Bisi Bele Bhaat- A daal and rice dish prepared by boiling it with vegetables such as beans and tomatoes and served with a topping of Boondi (a crispy Indian snack).

Price- INR 50

Khara Bhaat- Upma is also known as Khara Bhaat in Karnataka and has veggies added to it.

Sri Raghavendra Stores

Shavige Bhaat- Typical old Bengaluru style rice noodles prepared with tomatoes, mustard seeds, curry leaves and more. It is erved with a thick chutney.

Price- INR 25

Kesari Bhaat- A sooji (semolina) based dessert with raisins, cardamom and cloves. Kesar is also added to it for a delightful saffron flavour.

New Krishna Bhavan

Green Masala Idli- Small bite size Idlis called bullet or button idlis served with a gravy of spinach and various spices.

Price- INR 55

Central Tiffin Room

Benne Masala Dosa- A thick and crispy dosa with a potato filling inside and served with a generous dash of butter and chilli and groundnut chutneys.

Price- INR 45

Filter Kaapi- A strong must-have cup of filter coffee.

Price- INR 15

Janatha Hotel

Uddina Vade- Soft, crisp and fried to perfection, Urad dal Vada also known as Medu Vada served with some flavorful Sambhar (a veggie filled stew) and chutney.

Price- INR 20

Hassan Veg Restaurant

Benne Kali Dosa- A soft, thick delicious dosa with masala potato filling served with a dollop of butter on top and coconut chutney.

Price- INR 45

Chikkanna Tiffin Room

Bhaat Masala Dosa- Flavourful Bhaat (rice) topped on a Dosa served with a delicious chutney.

Price- INR 70

Kali Dosa- Super soft dosa served with sagu and a generous amount of ghee.

Holige Mane

Holige- Classic Holige (sweet Indian flatbread) prepared with a toor dal filling and served hot.

Badam Holige- A rendition of the classic, but with an Almond filling instead of Dal. It is served with a dash of ghee.

Price- INR 30

With each dish being just as good as the one before, the sheer variety of breakfasts that Bangalore had to offer especially in Idlis and Dosas, left us stunned and feeling energised, ready to take on the day.

As you visit Bangalore next, don’t forget to start your day with these delicious bites!

To have a glimpse of these mouth watering dishes, click on the link below-

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