Bangalore's Must Haves

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With a wonderfully pleasant climate throughout the year due to its elevation, which is one of the highest amongst the major cities of India, a trip to Bangalore awaits you a delightful sojourn. It is, however, truly incomplete without an amazing flavourful exploration of its numerous delicacies.

From Triangle Idlis to the famous Donne biryani and Kaal Soup, it’s a melting pot of unique dishes with rich tastes and flavours.

Come along as we take you through a list of the ultimate Bangalorean must-haves:

Mudanna Hotel

Mudanna Palav- A light, flavourful and mild rice dish cooked with cabbage, curry leaves and some secret spices served with a coconut chutney in a cone made of banana leaves and wrapped with a piece of newspaper.

Price- INR 30

S.L.N. Tiffin Room

Triangle Idli- Special soft idlis in a triangular shape served with spicy sagu. It’s super subtle in flavours and a great start to the day.

SGS Non-Veg- Gundu Palav

Chicken Palav- A delicious serving of Palav and juicy chicken that have been cooked separately. You may also add some black pepper to yours for a lovely flavour kick.

Price- INR 90

Ranganna Military Hotel

Kaal soup- A super healthy and delicious soup containing bone marrow and is packed with proteins.

Price- INR 140

Dose-Kheema Balls- A must have delicacy here, this dish consists of dosa and mutton kheema balls with a turmeric flavour.

Price- INR 180

Shivaji Military Hotel

Chicken Dry- A yummy dry chicken dish prepared in a lovely yogurt marination with spicy black pepper.

Donne Biryani- The original Donne Biryani cooked to perfection and loaded with tender pieces of meat and packed with flavours.

Shree Idly Corner

Idli- Super soft idlis served with dollops of desi butter and a spicy red chilli and onion chutney and a green chilli chutney.

Shavige Baath- Classic Setty style Shavige called as Shastralu, it consists of noodles made of rice with a spicy south Indian Tadka.

The Biryani Cafe

Dindigul Biryani- Biryani with a hint of black pepper and has travelled all the way from Dindigul of Thalapakatty in Tamil Nadu.

Price- INR 150

Donne Biryani- Authentic Bengaluru style Biryani made with the Jeera Sambar rice.

Price- INR 120

Basmati style Chicken Biryani- a regular Biryani which goes the best with Chettinadu Chicken.

Chicken Vada- Masala Vada made with chicken keema, onions, chillis and more.

Price- INR 90

Biryani Cafe Special Fry- Special fried chicken made with yogurt and special spices.

Price- INR 140

Pepper Chicken Ghee roast- Pepper infused chicken roasted to perfection.

Price- INR 130

Andhra style chilli chicken- Authentic chilli chicken marinated using yogurt and green chillies.

Chettinadu Chicken- Chicken curry made with Chettinad spices and country chicken.

Price- INR 140

Indulge in the best of Bangalore’s culinary trail and enjoy the authentic flavours and intricacies of its food leaving you with an experience like no other.

Catch a mouth watering glimpse of these scrumptious Bangalorean cuisines by clicking below-

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