Berhampur Street Food Tour

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If you find yourself craving for a food haul in Odisha, make sure you plan a ‘foodie’ tour in the city of Berhampur. The city offers a variety of delicacies, from street-foods to traditional cuisines.

Bara Bazar

This trading hub is quite famous for the variety of papads and pickles they offer. While you might find yourself swooning over different varieties of pickles, be sure to try the navrattan pickle, which is made of cherries, cashews and raw mangoes. Before you move on from there, don’t miss out on their specialty summer drink called nabat, which is made of jaggery and sugar.

Balaji Sweets

This place is known for a number of dishes, such as their malpua, a delicacy called rasbali, which is flattened, deep-fried chenna soaked in rabri and, their anto pakudi which is similar to a pakoda but not as soft.

Pidha Hotel

If you are looking for a traditional experience for lunch, you must not miss out on this place. While they serve between the peak hours between 12pm-3pm, you will find yourself in a quite homely experience, where you’re supposed to remove your shoes before you enter and are sit on pidhas, traditional low-rise chairs.

New Biryani Center

This 27-year-old establishment serves one the most finest serving of biryani you’ll ever have in this region. Apart from that, you must try this dish called dalcha, which is prepared by cooking baingan and daal together.

Food Stalls At Gopalpur Beach

For a scenic view and a little snack of fried prawns, head to Gopalpur beach!

Billu Dhaba

If you find yourself seeking North-Indian palettes in Odisha then head straight to Billu’s Dhaba, which is run by Punjabi folks who migrated here 27 years ago. Do not miss out on a very unique dish of theirs like the egg tadka, which is prepared with scrambled eggs that are cooked along with whole moong dal, spices and cream.

Rahim KGN Kebab

You might be astonished to find succulent-kebabs at this place at a paltry price of Rs. 10 per skewer. They offer chicken, mutton and prawn kebabs, which are marinated in tasteful spices and then grilled.

Food Stalls At City High School Road

A haul to explore Indian food shall always remain incomplete without exploring the street food. On this road you’ll find a variety of unique dishes, such as mixed chakoli, served with chilli sauce and onions which makes for a fulfilling evening snack, and sprouts chaat, which is a mix of sprouts, channa and coconut.

Sri Ram Ghugni Chaat

A well-made chaat is supposed to be a perfect mix of various ingredients, which this ghugni chaat exactly is! Being served since 1992, this chaat consists of onion pakoda, sev, boondi and a number of spices.

Kishore Pakoda

Head over to this place for their ­idli-like dish called saku, and papu sengudiliu, which is prepared from a dough made of rice-flour, turmeric, hing and green chilies, and then fried. Do remember to pickup some jackfruit chips before you leave!

Hotel Samala

Finally, head to Hotel Samala for an authentic, traditional breakfast called puri upma. You’ll be served 2 puris, plain upma, masala upma, ghugni, sambhar, coconut chutney, aloo fry and sooji halwa.

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