Best Food Stops Of Dwarka

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Dwarka is a residential area of Delhi. And mostly everything and a lot is available in food choices. We will be precisely covering the Ramphal Chowk area. So, register this list in your head and hop around Dwarka’s lanes to cherish the delicacies we will quickly brief you with!

La Kababiyaa- What is love? Duh, chicken delicacies in Indian style! We tried three of them, Chicken Khurana, Chicken Malai Tikka and obviously Butter Chicken.

Chicken Malai Tikka is a Tandoori dish which is marinated in various spices and cream. It is very juicy and has a lavish flavour of cashews in it. It is not spicy, not sweet but just right in the middle and melts in the mouth smoothly!

Chicken Khurana is a thick gravy of minced meat. It has lumps of both mutton and chicken. It is a total burst of spices! Having it with Lachcha Paratha (flaky flatbread) glowing with melting butter will leave you grateful for the rest of your life .

If Joey was forced to share all his food with you but one, he would save THE BUTTER CHICKEN for himself. Because? Because it is pious, pure, melts in mouth, tender, soft, extremely buttery, creamy, well cooked, right blend of spices and so on and so forth!

You should also try their mutton seekh kebab, just like the rest, this one’s amazing too!

Price- INR 230 for half plate for each of the dishes.

Yogesh Ji Moth Chaat Vale- Moth Chaat is a zesty salad made with Turkish gram, sliced onions, tomatoes, a few tangy spices and juice of lemon. Standing on the side of the road in a busy market, eating something fresh, lemony and nutritive is always a supremacy.

Note-The sweet peddler is mostly found with his stall either outside La Kababiyaa or near a red letter box.

Price- Rs 20 per serving.

Subhash Ji Shakarkandi Chaat Vale- Delhi’s Winters call for sweet potatoes roasted on sand. These are sliced and tossed with a few spices, tamarind water (tangy) and lemon juice (even more tangy!). Because the potatoes are sweet, there’s a Khatta- Meetha flavour to it.

You can also get star fruit added to it if you wish too. It tastes like Amla or Indian Gooseberry.

KC Restaurant- They have some of the most delicious momos of Dwarka! We tried their Malai Chicken and the Pan Fried Veg momos. The Chicken Malai was slippery, buttery and its coating was dripping! The Pan Fried ones looked fat with the filling. A little hot, sweet, sour and garlicky in taste. Both were generously made and tasted like it.

And who doesn’t like momos all steamed, grilled and richly coated! Matlab, ye toh heaven hua naa bro?

Sanjeev Ji- This guy has invented Pizza Omelette in Delhi! There’s everything in it from pizza centric vegetables to loads of shredded cheese, cream, paneer or cottage cheese and also pomegranate in the fruit category.

It is very fluffy like a spongy bed and if you look at it, you’ll know that you wouldn’t be able to eat it alone. Until and unless you have loose pants or a crazy space in your stomach. In one word for us it was Khatarnaak.

Challenge (By them)- If you finish the Pizza Omelette made by him from 30 eggs in 25 minutes, you’ll get 10,000 rupees! And, a lifetime of free food from the stall.

Mewar Prem Chana Soup- Soups are a warm hug during the winter time. This one’s new. It is made from black gram or Kala Chana. Very thick and smooth and has cream and spices in it! Zabardast it is.

It is garnished with croutons and freshly chopped coriander. Thumbs up for the rareness and yumminess and also for the man’s dedicated service!

Chaurasia Paan Shop- To end your day on a good note, having a paan is a must. We tried the plain one. It was bitter, the way it should have been and was delightful!

Liked the food tour of Dwarka? You’ll love it even more if you watch the video! It's all the more detailed and filled with fun conversations.

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