Best Places To Eat In Mangalore

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Mangalore is one of the most multicultural non metro cities of India. Besides being a major commercial, industrial and educational hub, Mangalore is also a treasure trove of beautiful delicacies waiting to be savoured in from busy hang out spots to classic restaurants and street shops.

So if you are planning a trip to Mangalore and wondering where to eat? Check out our list below for some of the best food places in Mangalore and their must-haves.

Hotel Maharaja- An old, classic restaurant serving some authentic Mangalorean delicacies such as:

Price- INR 700 for two.

Marvai Sukka (Shell Fish)- Sukka meaning dry in the local language, Marvai Sokka is a sea fish prepared in Mangalorean style.

Neer Dosa- Prepared with the normal dosa rice, Neer dosas are much thinner than the usual ones. The batter used for preparing them has a lot of water added to it to get the nice thin texture.

Chicken Ghee Roast- A very popular Mangalorean preparation of chicken, roasted with ghee and red chilli paste.

Kori Rotti- A hit amongst all Mangaloreans, they are crispy, dry wafers made from boiled brown rice. It’s eaten soft after pouring over some delicious chicken gravy. Kori means chicken in Tulu.

Giri Manja’s- One of the most popular go to eateries in the city serving authentic Mangalorean food. It boasts of beautiful ancient interiors and a homely ambiance. Some of their must tries are:

Price- INR 800 for two.

Fish Thali- A unique meal with boiled rice served with Kokum (Garcinia indica) Saar, Fish curry, vegetable curry and various side dishes.

Prawn Fry- Fresh, tender and crispy fried prawns locally known as Yetti fry served with green chillies.

Squid Fry- Locally known as Bondas Fry, it is prepared with some masala and deep fried.

Anjal Fry- Fried Seer fish with a tangy taste, prepared in a special Giri Manja’s style.

Bonda Juice: Tender coconut juice with lime.

Karthik Hotel- A local eatery serving some delicious evening snacks and the very famous KT!

Price- INR 100 for two.

Banana Podi- Banana fritters prepared using the Etha pazham Banana and chickpea flour. They are locally known as Parndh Podi.

Mangalore Buns- Sweet and soft buns prepared using maida (all purpose flour) and ripened bananas served with Sambhar (a veggie filled stew) and coconut chutney.

Goli Bajje- A very popular evening snack, they are soft fritters made with all purpose flour, spices and herbs.

KT or Kalladka Tea- A special three layer tea, where the bottom most layer is the condensed milk topped with a layer of soft foam with the decoction poured in the central layer.

Halli Mane Rotti- A mobile fast food joint serving delicacies of North Karnataka.

Price- INR 250 for two

Ragi, Akki, Jowar Rotti- Rottis made with three different kinds of flour, Ragi (Finger Millet), Akki (Rice) and Jowar (Sorgham) served with a mixed vegetable and chicken curry.

It goes really well with a nice and sweet Kokum drink.

Food street across Kadri Park- Indulge in some delicious street food here such as charmuri, pani puri and many more.

Charmuri- A flavour- packed snack made of puffed rice mixed with tomatoes, onions, raw mangoes, peanuts, coriander leaves and spices.

Price- INR 20

Dinky Dine- A bustling local hang out place, serving everything from breakfast to lunch dishes. One of their popular drinks include:

Pulpy Grapes- True to its name, a fresh grape juice popular across Mangalore.

Price- INR 50 per glass

Pabba’s Ice cream- A very popular Ice cream parlour and a mandatory stop for your Mangalore journey.

Marzi Paan- A unique Paan flavoured ice cream.

Gadbad- A multi layered ice cream served with fruits, dry fruits, jelly and falooda.

With a lot more to explore and indulge in we have come to an end to this food tour. Stay tuned to find out about some very unique breakfast dishes of Mangalore in both sweet and savoury!

Check out a mouth watering glimpse of these delicacies by visiting the link below-

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