Best Sweet Shops In Bikaner

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Bikaner is a place which is much more than its forts and palaces. It is a magic you would want to frequently travel to, a destination that forever sails in the heart for its food. Two words, ‘Bikaner’s Sweets’ itself sounds so traditional that the foodies who vibe with this kind of a thing would instantly want to pack their bags and catch the first bus. You are never too old or young to feel, “Padharo Mhare Desh” (welcome to our land)!

Narpat Tea Stall- We started our day with a cup of cardamom flavoured tea. What amused us the most was reading hilarious sentences painted on the shops around, while slurping the strong tea!

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Chhotu Motu Joshi- This place is a blessing for people who love Rasgullas. Rasgullas are cottage cheese balls soaked in sugar syrup. The one we tried here was exactly the way it should be, spongy! It was so soft that it literally dissolved in the mouth.

Fun Fact- This shop is 110 years old as of 2021! You ask anyone around, the most popular recommendation is Chhotu Motu Joshi’s puri sabzi and rasgullas.

Chhapan Bhog- Ghewar originally belongs to Rajasthan. It looks like a disc shaped honeycomb which is very crunchy and porous in texture. It is softened by pouring sugar syrup over it.

But we tried it without the syrup to try it the crunchy way! It was smeared with rabri (dense granulated milk) and garnished with chopped pistachios. The purity of it all together was Umda (amazing!).

We also tried the Malai Mawa Kofta. It was a saffron looking ball made from cottage cheese and it was filled with rabri and mawa (khoya). It was very creamy and looked very royal!

Lalji Restaurant- Malai Paan is what a lot of people call Malai Gilori! It is a triangular shaped sweet which has a covering of tender and thick malai, stuffed with a mixture of nuts and saffron. This one too looks very royal because it has that yellow and orange colour to it and also the edible silver coating.

Indian sweets definitely blow our mind away! Since it was so overly decorated, we probably weren’t expecting it to taste so good but as it went in the mouth, we were so surprised that it took us seconds before we could open our mouth to utter a word! We were like eyes wide open, it's a sweet surprise!

Mohan Chatewala and Bhairu Bhel Puri- This stall’s Bhel Puri is a popular form of love among the locals. It is puffed rice which is tossed in tamarind, coriander and mint chutney. Chopped tomatoes, onions and crushed boiled potatoes are put in. Then some namkeen (dry snacks) along with lemon juice is drizzled over it and you are ready to go!

It is a colourful, playful, tangy snack which you can hog on at any time of the day. It will also not fail to give you cravings.

There was also Kadhi Pichke which we couldn’t afford to miss out on! A crispy hollow ball is punched in from the top and filled with dry snacks, chutneys, tangy spices, chopped tomatoes and onions, some lemon juice and the base ingredient Kadhi (a curd based curry).

It was a new, delightful snack for us!

Sangam Juice and Bakery- Here we tried Gabagab. It was a chilled luscious dessert consisting of fruit cream, ice cream, nuts and some flavoured syrups. The name Gabagab literally means eating quickly.

Tip- The bottom most layer of fruits should be thoroughly mixed with ice cream before eating.

We also tried their Rabri Faluda which had ice cream , rabri, dry fruits and saffron. There was also a Papaya Shake which we fortunately had our hands on!

To catch us in our foodie fun element, watch the video linked below! Feel Bikaner’s food.

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