Bhubaneswar Street Food Tour

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Bhubaneswar is the largest city in the state of Odisha. Once ground to over 700 temples, in the current times, it has emerged as a lucrative education hub. Let's take a trip down the capital city for some scrumptious traditional food!

Anant Vasudeva Temple, Old Town

The magnanimity present in its air is well-evident by the generous helping of maha prasad served at the Anant Vasudeva temple. Cooked in earthen pots over crackling wood, this meal mostly includes arhar daal, saag, dahi pachari, channa masala, sweet rice and plain rice and is served on a banana leaf. It is noteworthy how none of the food items are prepared with onion and garlic. The dahi pachori is prepared in a very ‘raita-esque’ manner, filled with fruits, dry-fruits and cucumbers. To enjoy a meal navigate through the Anant Bazaar, which is a part of the temple complex itself. Head to any of the many stalls and enjoy the offerings.

Odisha Hotel, Chandrasekharpur

It is only fair that you experience the traditional cuisine of any place you visit. At Odisha hotel, you might get overwhelmed by the variety of options you’ll get: tiger prawns, tomato chokha, pokhala, crabs, dahi chooda, mutton kasa, and their specialty, mocha poda. But remember to save some space for a very special preparation of rice, soaked overnight. If you end up loving the food, there’s a branch in Delhi as well!

Arjun Tea Stall, Jayadev Vihar

Get your sweet-fix here at Arjun tea stall, from their famous bournvita lassi. Yes, you got that right! This is unusual drink is prepared with rabri, dahi, shredded coconut and Bournvita.

Lingaraaj Lassi, Shahid Nagar

Nothing to la-see here, just some delicious mugs of lassi to drink! The most popular version is layered with rabri, coconut, cherries and raisins while the special one has an extra layer of rabri.

Mayaraam Chaat, Shahid Nagar

The papdi chaat here is nothing like the ones you’ve ever had before. This one’s prepared sans dahi, with spicy mashed potatoes, sev, onions, coconut, dhaniya, and khatti-meethi chutney. The savoury elements are nicely complimented by the sweet and tangy chutneys.

Nimapada Sweet Shop, Bapuji Nagar

Chhena poda, literally translated as burnt cottage cheese is a phenomenal indigenous cheesecake. The smoky and luscious taste is very interesting. So, head to this place for some freshly-made chhena poda and also some chhena-jhili.

Sri Ram Tiffin Centre, Ram Mandir

To start your day with traditional Oriya breakfast here in the capital city head to this place for some fluffy pooris and dalma, which is a preparation of daal cooked with mixed vegetables, potatoes and curry leaves.

Rabi Mousa, Unit 6, Ganga Nagar

Brace yourself, for the owner of this place might stun you with his ‘stunts’! The man has a unique way of frying chhena, which is, by using his own hands instead of a ladle! He’s been serving some of the best chhena poda in the town for over 39 years like this, and all we can say is, don’t try this at home!

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