Bihar Mithai Trail

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Bihar, one of the most populated states of India, emerges as a land abundant with culture, history and culinary gems waiting to be indulged in and what better way to start than with desserts!

From Patna to Gaya, join us as we stop by four lovely destinations on our quest to briefly explore this delightful trail of some of Bihar's very humble and traditional sweets punctuated with a unique and beautiful flavour palette.


Matke wali Chai at Neha Sweets- Classic Indian style milk tea prepared in a clay pot over charcoal fire.

Peanut Cookies at Neha Sweets- Crispy and nutty disc shaped baked snacks made with all purpose flour, sugar, butter and roasted peanuts.

Mirjai at Amit Mirjai Shop- A firm yet crumbly disc shaped traditional sweet from Fatuha. It is made of all purpose flour, jaggery or sugar and a little bit of food colour and then deep fried.

Price- INR 100 per kg


Lai ka Ladoo at Om Sai Baba Lai Bhandar- A popular dessert made from a soft and greasy mixture of freshly prepared Khoya, sugar, cardamom powder and Khobi Dana.


Peda at Shiv Shankar ji Ka Suprasidh Peda- Soft, dense and grainy, cardamom flavoured traditional sweet made from Khoya obtained by evaporating sweetened buffalo milk on a low woodfire flame.

Price- INR 280 per kg


Khaja at Shri Kali Shah Khaja- A renowned sweet treat which is a super flaky, light and delicately crisp, sweet or savoury, deep fried puff pastry. It is made with maida (all purpose flour) based dough sheets that are repeatedly smeared with a thick paste of maida and dalda, folded and then rolled out multiple times.

Price- INR 140 per kg

As we touch the tip of the iceberg of what consists of Bihar’s several sweet treats, stay tuned to embark on more such delightful expeditions of the state and its wonderful culinary trail.

For a mouth watering glimpse of these desserts, visit the link below-

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