Bramhaputra Market Food Tour

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The Brahmaputra market is one of the oldest markets in Noida which is a popular shopping and food destination for the locals. After sundown this place transforms into a gastronomic paradise pervaded with food items varying from kathi rolls and momos to chaats and chicken biryani. Let’s walk you through!

Lakshmi Coffee House- To have a good South Indian meal in Noida, this place is to be in! We tried their Plain Dosa which had a very strong flavour of ghee in it. It was an ultra thin and crisp savoury crepe, served with Sambhar and coconut chutney.

Price- INR 105 per plate.

JSB Evergreen- Their Papdi Chaat is super spicy! It is a zesty ensemble of a bed of Papdis (crispy, flat pooris) topped with curd, chutneys, boiled chickpeas, spicy peanuts and shredded beetroot. It also looks very bright and beautiful!

Price- INR 50 per plate.

Bombay Bhel Puri- You might as well give Dahi Puri a shot! These are crispy hollow crackers which are stuffed with a playful mixture of boiled yellow peas, boiled potatoes, chopped coriander, spice mix, curd and tangy chutneys.

There are actually three chutneys in it, one is the raw mango one, the other is made from dates and the third is the coriander one. To put it right, it is very subtly flavourful.

Price- INR 50 per plate.

Lucknow Zaika- Veg Kebabs are not a myth. They are just as yum when melting and disappearing in the mouth. Very soft and compressible, made from pasted lentils, raw bananas and soya nuggets. Obviously, it had an amazing blend of spices and was served with rings of onion and green chutney.

Kebabs are like cutlets and they have one texture inside out. It's like small balls of dough, flattened and then shallow fried.

Price- INR 15 per piece.

Al Kaif Chicken Roll- Chicken Rolls are called Shwarmas. They’ll be made fresh in front of you and are very succulent and delicious. Mayonnaise and green chutney accompanies the minced meat roll.

A lot of times at other places, you can taste onions more than chicken in the roll but here, it's just the right balance. Definitely a must try!

Afghani style Chicken Shawarma- Next was the turn of an Afghani style Chicken Wrap. The roll, a soft, thick and fluffy bread, stuffed with charcoal grilled shredded chicken, vegetable juliennes, seasonings and dollops of mayonnaise was simply Waah! According to our founder, this was his MAJOR HIGHLIGHT of the Noida food tour.

This is love, period.

Amar Momos Corner- Ladies and Gentleman, Tandoori Chicken Momos it is. Tossed in Tandoori paste, grilled to perfection, it is Umda! It has a very creamy charcoal taste and is served with garlic, tomato, red chilli chutney and mayonnaise.

The covering of the momos is quite thin, the stuffing is rich and garlic chutney (commonly known as Bhaiya, momo wali chutney dedo) is a highlight! Gonna go and cry in a corner and dream about the next date with these momos.

Nitesh Paan Shop- We ended our day with a sweet paan at this outlet. Couldn’t have ended it on a better note!

If you liked reading it, you might as well wanna watch it. Grab a tub of popcorn and get a virtual visit to Brahmaputra, Noida Food Tour.

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