Brunch Spots In Goa

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Here’s the thing, the food in Goa is AA-mazing! I mean, as a traveller, what else would you want? Some good food, beachy vibes, hippie pops, colours and in all something fresh, something new to breathe! Thus, you land here.

Cafe Tato- The cafe has a very pleasant brownish- golden ambience and amidst it, we were cherishing our traditional Goan platter! There were puris (deep fried puffy breads), salad bhaji (a tangy garlicky curry), some soft leavened bread locally known as pao, patal bhaji, suki bhaji, alsana bhaji, banana flavoured buns and big green chilli fritters or pakoras.

So, bhaji means curry in Goa. And elaborating further, patal bhaji is a coconut flavoured white pea curry , suki bhaji is a dry potato curry tempered with finely chopped green chillies and alsana is a black eyed beans curry.

The best part is, they are not all heavy on the stomach. Everything is very healthy and quality oriented. Along with a cup of hot tea, you can experience all the flavours from coconut to garlic, and from mildly spicy to very very spicy!

Fun Fact- This shop goes way back to the vintage days of bell bottoms and polkas (Very Goan no?). It was established in 1913 and since then there has been a modification and upgradation of the dishes served here.

Mr. Baker 1922- This place is a simple definition of a far away warmth. It is an amalgamation of a wooden vibe, chocolate melt, breads, simple chairs, sunlight pouring in, etc. Even if there were hundreds of people in here, this place will keep holding its old silent identity.

We tried Bebinca here. This dessert is exclusive to Goa and is made with flour, coconut, eggs, sugar, milk and butter. It is multilayered and each layer is cooked separately. If you have tried Aampapad (mango pulp bars), the texture is similar to it, very gelatinous! The taste, of course, is different.

Next up, we had our mouths loaded with Batica. It is a Goan tea cake and has a very crumbly texture. The Batica indicated its compatibility with a cup of strong coffee and tea.

Meeting people across India has always left an impact on us, one such lesson was given to us by our host and the bakery owner. Do check out the video linked below! Sometimes just a light talk and some good food is the most fulfilling of the things.

Did you Know?- It is 2021 as of now and we find it really tough to contain our excitement about the fact that it will turn a 100 years (LIKE LITERALLY A 100 YEARS) in the next one year!

Soul Curry- This restaurant got us to try their Fish Thali! There was a semolina coated King Fish which was probably all the Goan’s love! And, there was a prawn curry, salad, a few other currys, some rice, a coconut based drink and a kokum based drink. The watery kokum was more like a digestive drink.

Shailesh Restaurant- There is absolutely nothing fancy about this place. The main motive here is, come, eat and go (nothing with the hospitality, just the vibe!). There’s mixed bhaji where potatoes are tossed with white peas and it is served with a few pavs.

The food was good and it hinted us a lot about what traditional Goans like to have!

It is definitely a hell lot of a place to enjoy and eat around!

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