Burrabazaar Food Tour

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This area of Kolkata is studded with small alleyways lined with ancient, run-down houses, squeezing crowds, a sea of porters, and countless wholesale businesses selling anything from textiles to pharmaceuticals. In the midst of all the chaos, this renowned shopping area has transformed into a popular street food hub.

Kandoi Sweets

This place is an age-old establishment, serving a broad variety of authentic Gujarati snacks and sweets, that are pretty hard to come by anywhere in town. Their Gulab pak, a rose flavored barfi and urad dal laddoo are a must have!

Jain Bros

At Jain Bros, you’ll be served some delicious kachoris, stuffed with peas, and served with aloo curry. That delightful combination is a perfect meal for anytime.

Panditji Halwa wale

Who doesn’t love a warm, steamy plate of gajar ka halwa! The halwa has a very quirky burnt taste from the pan-stuck halwa and well, it works deliciously in your favor!

Ambika Bhujiyawale

Scrumptious spicy kachoris and a full palette of chutneys, this place is all about delicious snacks and sweets.

Gopal Kulfiwala

This makeshift kulfi shop set up by Gopal bhai would be a perfect stop after a full meal because well, there’s always room for dessert!


Continue your junket feast by having some mouth-watering laddoos and boondis. These savoury sweets with some salty sev will be a hit for sure!

Yadav Milk Supply

Their pure malai-based goods are well-known around the town. Our recommendation is to order a classic unsweetened malai roll, which is a delicious treat for anyone who enjoys dairy products.

Badri kachori wale

Now, this is becoming a favourite hangout for all kachori fans in the area. Their kachori is a hot yet filling combination of khasta kachori and besan potato curry, topped with sev.

Tiwari Sweets

You can’t conclude a dessert haul in this area without trying some delicious desi ghee Mihidana laddoos. Once you get a taste of those, you won't be able to keep yourself from trying a plateful of their kulfi falooda, a delicacy drizzled with oh so sweet rose syrup!

Gujrati Basa

This place will remind you of hostel messes, that serve no-onion, no-garlic, and homestyle meals to many people who can't manage to eat at home. The cuisine that is served here is quite simple but filling.

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