Central Kolkata Food Tour

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Lined with various government and private office buildings and shops, this part of the city is one of the most popular street food zones. It is thronged by a crowd that is largely made up of office workers and die-hard foodies. So, if you're on a foodie adventure in the city of joy, don't miss out on the delectable goodies available here.

Chitto Babur Dokan

Synonymous to the locality itself, this place caters some of the heartiest meals to everyone around, especially a hit with the office goers. From some exotic European chicken stew to humble Bengali khichuri, this place has it all!

Kona Dukan

Once you’re able to push through the enormous rush at this place, you’ll get to enjoy some luscious malai toast, a childhood delight to many. What’s interesting is that, a dash of salt and pepper takes the flavors of their malai toast to another level!

Bhola Sandwich

What better for a filling and lip-smacking evening than a sandwich grilled to perfection! These toasty breads, with creamy fillings smacked in between, make for a perfect comfort snack.

Anadi Cabin

This historic eatery right in the heart of Kolkata is widely popular for their ‘Mughlai Porota’, which is a crispy and flaky delight, made by shallow-frying paranthas stuffed with minced veggies. The never-ending crowd is a testament to the hot-seller you’re gonna try!

Nizam’s Restaurant

This place is known for having kept the flavors of their Kathi rolls consistently intact for the past 118 years now! You won’t know it, until you have one of these beautifully made rolls; these crispy paranthas rolled with kebabs, onions with a zest of lime.


For a lot of people around the town, this age-old bakery is not just another place, it’s an emotion. From a wide range of tarts, cakes and brownies to their Christmas special plum cakes, warm and full of dry fruits, this place is just to the brim with wholesomeness!

Victoria Vada

Head to Victoria Vada to have some light and crispy moong dal pakodas, while you enjoy the tale of their 35-year-old journey by the owner! You wouldn’t want to miss out on their heavenly masala bread, topped with tangy and savory aloo and prepared with all love!

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