Darbhanga Food Tour

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Often known as the cultural capital of Bihar, Darbhanga boasts of a rich cultural heritage, stunning architectural marvels and a magnificent legacy of arts and music, most of which is a result of a splendid past under the city’s most remarkable rulers of the Raj Darbhanga family.

Renowned for fishes, abundant fox nut cultivation, paan and mangoes, Darbhanga is one of the oldest cities of Bihar and offers a varied stretch of culinary goodness worth exploring.

Find out more about this old city and its cuisines and the best eateries and dishes to try here-

Manoj Tea Stall

Ghugni Chura- A filling snack consisting of crisp dry-roasted bhunja (flattened rice) topped with a flavourful kala chana curry and garnished with chopped radish and fresh coriander.

Price- INR 10 per plate

Special Chai- An Indian style cup of milk tea but with a bit of coffee mixed in.

Gurmeet Pakoda

Piyaji Pakoda- A unique fritter made with a whole onion cut in a way that resembles a blooming lotus. It is then dusted with some spice mix, dipped in a batter made of besan, double fried and then served with chole and chutney.

Price- INR 15 per piece

Hum Lassi Yahi Peete Hain

Lassi- Thick and creamy, hand-churned refreshing drink made with buffalo milk curd and sugar and garnished with some grainy textured khoya, dry fruits, malai and a fennel and green cardamom powder mix.

Price- INR 35 per glass

Suraj Meat House

Rewa Fry- Crispy and delicious pan fried whole Rewa (Greas Carp) fish eaten as a side dish or a starter. The fish is marinated in turmeric and ginger garlic paste.

Singhi Curry- A rich and flavourful, mustard paste based fish curry prepared with fried Singhi (Asian stinging catfish) fish.

Jhinga (Prawn) Masala- A flavourful semi dry prawn curry that is prepared with an onion, ginger, garlic based masala.

Mutton Curry- A rich and spicy curry made with mutton pieces cooked in mustard oil along with whole red chillies, bay leaves, onions, turmeric, chilli powder, black pepper paste, garam masala paste etc.

Ram Kishor Shah Balushahi

Balushahi- A traditional sweet native to Runni Saidpur (Sitamarhi, Bihar) made with small chhena (cottage cheese) balls that are cooked in sugar syrup until a little firm in texture.

Price- INR 200 per kg

Ravi Kumar Samose Wale

Samosa and Kadhi- This popular snack consists of small-sized potato stuffed samosas that are topped with onion slices and some kadhi.

Price- INR 10 per plate

Shree Chakradhari Bhojnalaya

Sev Nimki- Sev are tiny deep fried snacks made from chickpea flour paste that is seasoned with turmeric, red chili powder and salt and Nimki are small and thin deep fried snacks made with maida, carom seeds and salt.

Price- INR 15 per plate

Sweet Home

Orange- Soft and spongy, orange flavoured sweet made with chhena (cottage cheese) balls that are cooked in sugar syrup (having a thin consistency).

Price- INR 10 per piece

Raskadam- Slightly firm, syrup filled sweet made with chhena (cottage cheese) balls that are cooked in sugar syrup.

Chhena Jalebi- A spiral-shaped sweet made with a well-kneaded, soft mass of chhena and khoya piped into hot oil, then fried until brown and dipped in sugar syrup.

From eateries serving delicacies that have won a place in the people’s hearts with fond memories of visits since childhood to smaller humble eateries pulling people towards them with their warm hospitable energy, Darbhanga can give you a taste of it all!

Check out a glimpse of these delectable dishes by clicking below-


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