Dwarka Sector 12 Food Tour

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Dwarka itself is a delightful gastronomic ride! Today, we will take you through SECTOR 12 of this place and suggest a few eating spots that we really enjoyed!

Om Chhole Kulche Bhandaar- Chhole Kulche is the identity of Delhi and the food cart owner has done full justice to it and even beyond! No wonder it is a very popular outlet and the real crowd starts simmering around the afternoon.

Chhole are chickpeas which he basically tossed on a griddle with lots of crescent shaped onions, butter, spices, chillies, etc. When it is fully cooked, it gets mustard brown in colour. It is served with Kulchas (flatbread) which are also soaked on the same griddle in butter, spices and it has a fenugreek kick to it. Kaafi Swaadisht! Ekdum Masaledaar!

Price- INR 50 per plate.

Raja Chur Chur Naan Vale- We tried their Chur Chur Naan Thali. It had Shahi Paneer, Dal Makhani, Raita and Naan (a variety of tandoori flatbread).

Everything on this plate was very buttery and delicious. Shahi Paneer is cottage cheese curry and Dal Makhani, well, it is made from lentils and Raita is just spiced up curd.

Now, ‘The Naan’. It was super flaky, crispy and had melted butter gliding over its surface. It was also topped with some fried cashews, shredded cottage cheese (paneer) and beetroot. “Matlab dedication hai bhai sahab”. When you break the Naan, it crunches, that is why it is called ‘Chur Chur’. Because of the sound.

New Chawla Chicken Kebab Roll Vale- Try Keema Meat! It is a rich and flavourful curry made from minced meat and mutton pieces which are cooked in onion, ginger, garlic, finely ground spices, ghee and cream. Finally, it is garnished with some chopped coriander.

It looks very glossy with spices but it is just mild on the tongue. The glossiness comes from the Rogan, an orange oil poured over it. With a crisp Tandoori Roti, it is good to go!

We also made some space for Butter Chicken in our stomachs. There are three important things in it, grilled chicken, cream and the flavour of Kasuri Methi. We are happy to inform you that everything was there in balanced quantities and the blend of it all was Umda (Woww)!

Price-INR 240 per plate.

Shri Balaji Food Cart- At just a mere price, you can go home with a filled stomach, all thanks to this sweet! We tried Gujia here, which is a fried pastry having a filling of peanuts, grated coconut and bhura. It is then dunked in a sugar syrup and served.

Since we are closing towards the desert, you can really try this place!

Price- INR 15 per piece.

Chaurasia Paan Bhandar- Finally, a paan is always appreciated towards the end of the tour. It is a stuffed betel leaf. Its quality is its bitterness. You can get the filling as per your liking, just let the shopkeeper know.

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