Evening Food Tour In Old Ghaziabad

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Lying in the National Capital Region of Delhi, this place is a developing food haven. Close to its food roots, you will not find innovations in the business but a lot of love and appreciation for the gold old. In this flickering busy place, a lot of people swim around the nostril stimulating carts to fulfill their individual gastronomic journeys. We were just one of them in the crowd.

Let’s take you through our food vision of Old Ghazaibad!

Pahalwan Dhaba- Pahlwan means a ‘wrestler’. To signify the robust, rich and fulfilling dishes they serve, the name has been kept!

The chicken curry for which we mainly stopped here, was perfectly “Dhaba style” (a roadside restaurant style) cooked. Brown in colour and creamy and spicy in taste. The gravy was predominantly tomato and onion. And the partnership of the curry with a soft tandoori roti is always good.

For Indians, Dhaba is a supremacy. We keep it above the restaurants because god knows how all the dhabas manage to deliver the taste that they deliver!

Price- INR 160 per quarter.

Panditji Ka Special Matra Chaat- This one particular place is highly recommended! The iconic Matra chaat seller is a smiling old man and it's probably the love in it which keeps the foodies waiting upto for one hour to get their own share of dona (a leaf bowl in which the chaat is served).

This chaat is a cross between fruit and vegetable salad and the additional ingredient is boiled yellow peas. There is sliced apple, banana, onion, tomato, chilli, ginger, moong dal (a lentil type), the yellow peas obviously and some other spices and chutneys in it. It has an Umda Zaayka (amazing flavour) and is completely worth the wait!

This stall is set up after 7:30 pm, so make your plans accordingly. We still vividly remember how everyone around the stall just kept praising the snack and called it “addictive”. It is a refreshing riot in the mouth, truly!

Gandhi Omelette Wala- This place has a dedicated number of people just to beat the eggs and the froth they produce, oh my god! It is too much, nothing like home. Ultimately this translates into the egg dish becoming the king of fluffiness!

Two pieces of bread are pan fried with the frothy omelette along with a few chopped chillies, onions and some masalas (spices) and then cautiously rolled. Further it is cut into pieces.

It is very woww and buttery!

Price- INR 60 per plate.

Mohan Fruit Ice cream- Mixed fruit ice creams though underrated have the most refreshing flavour ever! Especially if they are made well. The thick ice cream had pulps of apple, banana and pineapple along with chopped cashews and raisins. It was topped with lush crimson candied cherries.

Fruity cool!

INR- 30 per plate.

Goyal Paan Corner- This place serves ripe guava juice with a pinch of rocksalt. It is homemade and very restoring. On a hot day, this is what you should look for!

With this, we are closing on our Ghaziabad food tour, however, we will keep visiting to fetch more and more dishes for you! If you liked this part, please go and check out the Breakfast and the Brunch trail as well!

Meanwhile, you can watch this food journey of ours, click the link below!


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