Faridabad Food Tour

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In Faridabad we embarked upon a Vegetarian street food tour. It was a delight of a journey in and around old Faridabad and the NIT neighbourhood of Faridabad, Haryana.

Guddu Kachori Bhandar- Kachoris are a deep fried snack. They are almost like puris but they are different in texture because of their flakiness and crispiness. There is a rich stuffing of urad-dal (a lentil type) mixture in it.

It is served with a green chilli pickle and a no onion-garlic potato curry. It is a traditional form of breakfast with a pleasant kick of hing (asafoetida) in it.

Pooja Lassi Puri- This is yet another Puri- Sabji stall serving its own handsome flavour. Here, a spiced up potato curry is served with puffy puris (deep fried bread) and green chilly and radish pickle. Also, Chach or buttermilk known as Lassi here goes very well with the combination.

The potato curry has no onion or garlic and is very tangy in taste. The chach is ultimate with all the spices and cumin seeds. Puris are very fluffy and nice.

We have to say, Faridabad has an amazing taste in breakfast!

Price- INR 35 per plate.

B Tech Biryani- A lot of people make fun of Vegetarian Biryani, they say Veg Biryani is Pulao (just rice with a flavour of a few raw spices) but we take it seriously. Very seriously.

The rice here was perfectly cooked. The most lavish quality of rice was used. There were roasted cashews and almonds, soya chunks and capsicum pieces. It was garnished with caramelized onions and lemon juice was poured over it. It did not feel like the biryani was made for professional purposes but it had a homely warmth to it.

Gulshan Dosa Chhole- Dosa Chhole will be a weird combination for a lot of people at the first instance. But it slowly starts to make sense when you look at the way it's made. It is two pieces of fried bread stuck together with mashed and plain salted potatoes. This snack is crushed in a bowl and Chhola is poured over it. Sweet-tangy chutneys and crescent shaped onions are used as a garnish and then you are good to go!

There’s also a sandwich version of it where the fried bread, chutneys, chhola and onions are stuffed between another two pieces of bread. This one’s highly recommended!

R.P’s Standard Punjabi Khana- Shahi Dahi Bhalla is a zesty snack. It is a soft fritter stuffed with nuts, moong and urad dals (lentil type). It is then bathed in sweet cream beaten yogurt and dry mango and ginger chutney. To make it look and taste even more appealing a few spices and pomegranate seeds are sprinkled over it.

It was so soft in texture that it kept falling off. Indeed very rich and creamy. The hint of cardamom, dates and dried mango strands made it even more Shahi (royal)!

Price- INR 110 per plate.

Kashyap Chhole Kulche- It is true that at times presentation steals the show, shows dedication and warms the heart. Chhola Kulcha is a pretty simple dish of Delhi but here it was served in a very royal way. Best part is, it was economical too!

We tried three kulchas, paneer (cottage cheese), methi (fenugreek) and garlic flavoured. All were very fluffy, soft and light. Our recommendations would be cottage cheese and fenugreek one. The plate on which everything was served was loaded. The Chhola was topped with shredded cottage cheese, sliced onions and tomatoes. On the sides also, there were onions, tomatoes, chillies and a cut lemon.

With a glass of buttermilk, we really enjoyed our meal there!

Faridabad looks more of a ‘Breakfast City’ to us. Along with getting touched by the innovative side of Delhi, it also preserved its authenticity without modifying most of its food.

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