Food Tour In The Lanes Of Old Ghaziabad

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Ghaziabad is an old industrial city which is now a part of the National Capital Region of Delhi. We decided to meander the Old Ghaziabad, Jawahar Gate in specific to bring you the most recommended dishes! The place resembled a lot to Old Delhi and shares a common historical past of refugees from Pakistan. The people also share the same spirit of drooling over food which we love!

Moonglet Wala- Moonglet is a lentil based pancake. It resembles an omelette in colour and texture but is vegetarian. It is soft on the inside but crisp on both the sides because it is cooked for a little longer. Loads of butter is added to the pancake which makes it even more delicious.

Some chaat masala is sprinkled over it and with raw mango and coriander chutney, you are good to go!

Price- INR 60 per plate.

Deepak Kanji Vada Wala- Kanji is spiced up mustard water and vadas are deep fried balls made from moong dal (a lentil type). Basically, these vadas are dunked in this water so they soak it in. It has a strong kick of asafoetida and is considered good for the stomach.

Some coriander chutney is made to run over it and the combination is just the most authentic and Old Ghaziabad thing you can ever try!

Price- INR 20 per plate.

Loknath Sweets- A very famous, old sweet shop. We tried around four things there.

Rabri- Rabri is sweetened milk reduced to a dense pudding. It is very grainy in texture and is considered to be a classic Indian sweet.

Chena Kheer- Chena Kheer is balls of cottage cheese dunked in saffron flavoured milk.

Rasmalai- These are made from cottage cheese too. They are flat and spherical in shape and are dunked in cardamom flavoured milk and ornamented with chopped pistachios.

Lassi- It is a curd based drink and is sweet in flavour. Here, they topped it with a dollop of thick shredded cream.

No wonder this shop is popular because our desire to try things just kept multiplying!

Hathras Chaat Bhandar- We tried Aloo Tikki here. It was a flat potato cutlet, shallow fried until crisp. It was layered with two sweet and tangy chutneys and loads of curd.

Price- INR 20 per plate.

Rajesh Egg Point- Egg Lolo Popo made is a bang on! It is a delicious pan fried dish where an egg and butter melts on two slices of bread. It is very crispy in texture from the outside and from the inside very moist and soft. The inclusivity of shredded ginger, chopped coriander and onions makes the flavour of the egg go next level!

It is served with khatti meethi chutneys.

We also tried their egg curry with a rumali roti (a thin flatbread, as light as a cotton handkerchief). The egg curry was very flavourful. Two fried eggs were simmered in a watery tomato, onion, and garlicky gravy.

Goyal Paan Shop- We ended our food tour with a paan. It is a preparation where betel leaf is lined with slaked lime, areca nut etc. It is bitter in taste and this is the way it is supposed to be!

Watch the video below of our entire food journey in Ghaziabad!

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