Frazer Town Food Tour

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Known for its parks and nightlife, Bangalore promises a superb experience with several areas bringing their own uniqueness to the table. Frazer Town in Bangalore is one such stop for a one of a kind street food experience for all meat lovers.

It has emerged as a culinary paradise for foodies over the last couple of years buzzing with people especially during Ramzan.

Check out some of the must haves in this iconic food heaven:

Anda Kheema Roti at Charminar Kabab Paradise- Egg and Kheema stuffed in a Roti and deep fried to perfection. It’s neither too spicy nor too bland, just the right combination of all spices!

Price- INR 120

Sulemaani Chai- A flavorful cup of black tea with lemon and jeera (cumin).

Sheek Kebab Roll at Fanoos- Thin sheek kebabs served with a side of lemon and onions.

Shawarma at Savoury Restaurant- Chicken and Hummus wrapped in soft and freshly prepared Pita bread served with a side of vegetables prepared in vinegar.

Price- INR 90

Baklava at Cafe Arabica- A Turkish dessert consisting of a pastry filled with a sweet nutty goodness. Price- INR 40

Death by Chocolate at Corner House Ice cream- A popular in-house dessert consisting of chocolate cake served with vanilla ice cream and hot chocolate sauce topped with nuts.

Price- INR 150

Teetar at Sharief Bhai- A crispy yet soft fried Quail delicacy.

Shami Kebab at Sharief Bhai- Bengaluru style Shami kebab with boiled egg on the inside.

Pathar Ghosht at Sharief Bhai- Lamb slow cooked on stone.

Brain fry at Sharief Bhai- Lamb brain slow cooked on tawa.

Murg Cutt Kufte Ande at Sharief Bhai- A traditional Muslim dish cooked overnight.

Mutton Biryani at Sharief Bhai- A deliciously flavourful Biryani made with Jeera Samba Rice and mutton.

Spend a while relishing in this lovely plethora of non vegetarian delicacies that Frazer Town has to offer, and let it work its magic on your tastebuds!

For a glimpse of these stunning and unique dishes and an insight into the bustling Frazer Town life, click on the link below-

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