Fusion Food Of Bangalore

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Known as the Silicon Valley of India, Bangalore, the capital of Karnataka sure has a knack for all things innovative and their culinary expertise in fusing and reinventing different types of foods doesn’t stay any behind.

Shocking yet delectable, Bangalore has many quirky dishes tucked away in small shops and street stalls that are combining foods which have the best of both worlds to give you some flavorful stunners.

Come along as we take you through this mouth watering experience that'll keep you wanting for more!

Floating Pani Puri at Sri Sai Chaat- Originating from Bangarpet, Karnataka, with various toppings and fillings this dish consists of floating Pani Puris or Golgappas with an overflowing serving of a mild Paani.

Price: INR 25

Nippat Masala at Sri Sai Chaat- A delicious infusion of the popular South Indian savoury cracker, Nippattu with masala puri, this is a must-try Bangalore style Chaat.

Price: INR 30

Thatte Idli at Namma Bramhins Idli- Literally meaning ‘an Idli as big as the size of a plate’, this dish is exactly that. A steaming plate of a large moist Idli generously topped with butter and served with the delicious chutney Pudi (dry, powder like chutney) and two other chutneys made of coconut and groundnut.

Price: INR 40

Gobi Manchurian at Raja Gobi- Crispy from the outside and soft on the inside, this Indo-chinese recipe is absolutely perfect. With a combination of flours used for the batter and various spices, the Gobi (cauliflower) is made into a crisp manchurian served yummy and hot.

Price: INR 50

Ice Cream Bonda at Amarnath Chaats- A fun fusion dish made by stuffing ice cream in a covering of Bonda and bread crumbs and then deep fried keeping the ice cream from melting. It is served with fruit purees such as strawberry and lychee.

Chocolate Idli at Amarnath Chaats- Introducing Idli as a dessert, this quirky dish consists of chocolate filled Idlis served with Ice cream and a bunch of fun toppings instead of chutney.

Chocolate Dosa at Amarnath Chaats-

Madika Idli at Amarnath Chaats- Flavoured Idlis prepared and served in small earthen pots giving it a unique earthy flavour, this dish is a beautiful fusion of vintage and deliciously new!

If you aren’t feeling as experimental with these fusion foods, Amarnath Chaats also have some simple and delicious fried snacks which are worth a try!

Mosaru Kodabele at Amarnath Chaats- A flavourful savoury dish made with yogurt and rice flour with a mix of spices.

Mosaru Kodabele (Special Masala Sticks) at Amarnath Chaats- An exciting rendition of the Mosaru Kodabele with ghee, special pudi and tadka

Indulge in this trail of unconventional delights here in Bangalore, as it navigates you through some of the most quirky combinations of food and makes them work!

Catch a glimpse of these fun and appetizing dishes by clicking below-


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