Jaipur Food Tour

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The historical lanes and streets of Jaipur are imbued with imprints of gastronomic glory. Let's take you to some of the popular places in the Old city which entail fascinating

legacy. Along with our host Vinayak we took a trip down the historic lanes of Jaipur to relish some of the incredible dishes from there and to gather the stories behind their lasting legacy. Let's acquaint you with some of these legendary places.


Ganpati Plaza, MI Road

This small shop is a hit with chai lovers from all walks of life. People drop by for a quick cup of masala chai paired with bun maska or biscuits. We too loved the timeless combo of bun maska and masala chai.


Chandpole Bazaar

It is a small stall where we tried the famous Sindhi dish called dal pakwan with mirchi ke tapore. The dal mixed with chutneys and spices was quite delicious and zesty while the pakwan was crisp and tasty. This place is so popular that its limited stock gets exhausted by afternoon.


Chandpole Bazaar

It is an old Rajasthani snack shop that makes bhujia, kachori etc. One interesting thing among these is the aalu kachori. Contrary to our anticipation, the potato mixture was quite mild and flavoursome. We finished it in a jiffy.


SBBJ Street, Chaura Rasta

Kachori is a ubiquitous snack in Jaipur. Puran Ji is a poput name for kachori in Chaura Rasta. They serve a zesty hing kachori with in house curd. The lentil stuffing has a strong flavour of asafoetida.


Churukon Ka Rasta, Modikhana

Right opposite Puran Ji Kachori Wale is Radhe Kachori Wala, who is his kin. Here you get hing kachori but they are smaller in size and are accompanied with a sour and spicy green chutney.


Janta Market

This place is known for their fresh dairy products like butter, buttermilk etc. Here we tried a unique dessert called kesar pista makhan which is pistachio and saffron flavoured unsalted butter. Its smooth and rich texture and luscious taste is divine.


Lal Ji Saand Ka Rasta, Chaura Rasta

It is an over a century old establishment. They have an enchanting range of traditional sweets. We had tried the moongthal and gulab sakri. Moongthal was a granular fudge-like sweet made of chickpea flour while the gula sakri was a saffron flavoured granular textured sweet made of mava.


Gopal Ji Ka Rasta, Johri Bazar

Pickle is a favourite condiment in Rajasthan and Jaipur boasts of a 180 years old pickle shop that has been tantalizing the taste buds of the locals and visitors with its huge variety of homestyle pickles. Vijaylal Acharwale is a legendary pickle shop where you can sample some of the options and then decide what to buy. Here we tried the garlic, sweet lime, mango laccha and ker ka achar. The taste was just phenomenal.


Gopal Ji Ka Rasta, Johri Bazar

They have the creamiest kulfi in the locality. We had tried the shahi rabri which was falooda topped with rabri and thick rose syrup. The rose flavour added a refreshing touch to this rich drink.


Hanuman Ji Ka Rasta, Tripolia Bazar

It is an old canteen-like eatery serving limited traditional Rajasthani dishes. We had tried some home style malpua with mirchi ke tapore and desi ghee puri with aalu dum. Both the combo were homely and super gratifying.


Vaniki Marg, C Scheme

If dahi vada makes you go weak on the knees, then Kalkatta Chaat Bhandar is the place to be. where we polished off a flamboyant plate of dahi vada that was topped with a generous amount of smooth beaten curd, lip smacking chutneys, sev etc.


Jaipur Kota Highway, Near Choki Dhani

We went there to try their malai roti and sev bhaji. They have a typical Rajasthani menu that is served fresh when diners drop in. The malai roti was an acquired taste for us because it is topped with salt and chilli powder. But the sev curry prepared with milk was very toothsome.


Girdhar Marg, Malviya Nagar

It is the swanky outlet of the main shop in Old Jaipur which is very iconic. Here they have an eclectic chai menu to cater people from all backgrounds. We tried their fragrant masala chai which was prepared with their secret spice mix.


Hari Marg, Malviya Nagar

It is an old bakery in this locality that is frequented by both students and adults. We tried their classic aalu patty which is a piece of nostalgia for many. It was crisp, flaky and a well stuffed patty.


Yudhister Marg, Ashok Nagar

It is a unique restaurant whose menu is influenced by temple food from across India. So you have dedicated thali that are influenced by the food of a respective famous temple. Here we tried some of the dishes from a humongous spread consisting of 56 items including starters, curries, breads, condiments, desserts and drinks. This huge spread is inspired by Chappan Bhog, the holy offering served to Lord Krishna. Most of the items were traditional Rajasthani fares.


Ajmeri Gate, Opp. Yadgar Control Room

It is one of the best paan shops in the city where you get a mind boggling range of paan like chandan paan, fire paan etc. Made with high quality ingredients, these flavoured paan are luscious treats.


C Scheme, Ashok Nagar

As the name suggests this place is famous for their ingenious sprouts kachoris whose inner stuffing consists of a spicy sprout mixture instead of the regular yellow lentil mixture. People throng this place to grab this tasty snack with a healthy twist. The chutneys accompanying it are amazing too.


Ram Nivas Garden

It is an open food court which houses the outlets of many iconic eateries from the city. The place is a perfect hangout space for families and friends as it is spacious and well designed. From chai to samosa, rabri to chilla, this place has a lot to offer. Here we tried a wonderful moong dal chilla from Rama Krishna Kalkatta Chaat. This was followed by a samosa from Shankar Samosa and tandoori chai from Gulab Chai Wale. But the highlight of this visit was the amazing bejad roti thali from Mahavir Rabri Bhandar. Finally we ended the food tour with a sensational kulhad rajbhog rabri from Indian Ice Cream Faluda.


Thana Circle, Sanganer

Here you get fresh mawa for different uses. They also sell it as a creamy and luscious dessert called mishri mawa. Contrary to the name, mishri mawa contains milk solid with sugar and not mishri.


Vijay Path, Mansarovar

Their menu of huge to humongous parathas have been the talking point of the city. They have four different sizes of paratha in their menu that come in over 15 types of fillings. The largest one which is 32 inches in diameter and nearly 4 kg in weight. Watching this monster paratha taking shape was a sensational sight. In spite of its gigantic shape, it was properly cooked from both the sides. The paratha was served with chutney, white butter and curd. This beast is fit for 8 to 10 people so it is best enjoyed with family and friends.


Queens Road, Vaishali Nagar

It is deemed as one of the best places for non-veg in the city. It isn't just the food but also the passionate presence of the owner Madanji that attracts diners from far and near. Our pick was the jungli maas or rustic style meat curry. The jungli maas cooked with great precision was very toothsome. We tried it along with bejad roti, dal and churma ladoo. His laal maas too has a great reputation.


C Scheme

Looking for a cosy space that feels like home then Den is the place to visit. It is a contemporary sustainable eatery whose colourful and artistic interiors exude a relaxing vibe. Here we tried one of their fusion dishes, the bajra bhel. The Den is a favourite haunt of many artists hence you might chance upon your favourite artists over here.

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