Madurai Food Tour - Part 3

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Madurai, a bright city is also known as the ‘Food Capital’ of Tamil Nadu. Walking in the beautiful streets of this place, one can get lured by the South Indian spices being cooked in the restaurants and the small eateries. Madurai also has a wide variety of drinks to beat the heat. The authenticity of this place has got you all covered!

We have handpicked absolutely the best for you, let’s go!

Famous Jigarthanda- Jigarthanda literally means providing cool to the liver. It is perhaps because of the ingredients put in it like almond gum, ice cream, condensed milk, plain cow milk, sarsaparilla syrup and a mystery ingredient.

It is a flaxen coloured thick drink, served cool.

Prem Nivas- This place is ‘The Halwa Destination’ of Madurai. There’s a wide variety of halwas (mostly a grainy kind of a sweet pudding) available here. We tried Wheat, Almond, Carrot and Milk Halwas. They were served to us in a Madhari Leaf.

The wheat halwa was a brownish gelatinous looking substance. It had a consistency similar to that of Karachi Halwa. The others were very grainy and well cooked. Our suggestion would be Almond Halwa. It is definitely a must try! The rich flavour of ghee imparted to each of the flavours is just WOW and MMM! It is a paradise melt in mouth.

The place is also famous for its savoury snacks like different sevs, banana chips, etc.

Fun Fact- This shop was opened in 1954 and is currently in the hands of its third generation.

Sai Ayyappan Dosai Kadai- Here, you’ll get a variety of almost seventy Dosais. There’s garlic, spicy mushroom, butterscotch, sweet sugar, chocolate, pizza and what not! Too many innovations! We tried pizza, butterscotch and honey flavours.

The pizza dosa was very tender and nice. The butterscotch one was very cheesy and the honey was almost divine.

Price- INR 20 to 70 per plate.

Murugan Idli Shop- Murugan Idli Shop is famous for its myriad of chutneys that they serve with every South Indian meal. There’s mint, coconut, tomato and coriander chutney and they all are ‘superb’ because of the blend of spices and the freshness of the ingredients.

We ordered the Nei Podi Idli. It was very fluffy and soft! The lavishness of Ghee in it made it even more flavourful.

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Meanwhile, catch us having fun trying all these dishes in the video below:

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