Mandi House Food Tour

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Mandi House has evolved as a prime food destination. It is a cultural centre with students, teachers, performers etc pouring in from every direction to try food at both big and small eateries, here.

Let’s walk you through!

BM Snacks Corner- Our founder has tried a lot of samosas but the best ones according to him are the ones that are made in the most authentic style! Without cashews, without raisins, not too much masalas, just salt, a few spices, crisp covering along with which you can taste the potatoes. Basically the taste of potatoes should not drown. And, this one was exactly like that!

Served with a bowl of green chutney, it is a perfect evening snack to have!

Price-INR 10 per piece.

Tauqeer’s Snack Cart- In winters, people in India cherish roasted peanuts. They are mildly roasted and the peddlers can be seen in various spots selling these. This is definitely a soulful food of Delhi but is sadly, less talked about.

Note- He stands outside Lady Irwin College, Delhi.

Price- INR 10 for 50 grams.

Khushi Ram Chole Kulche- The Kulcha which is a semolina based flat bread was very crisp and the Chhole had a very mild flavour. It does not have an aftertaste and is light on spices. Very homely!

The owner runs the stall in the most clean manner! He has also placed incense sticks for an aromatic air around his cart.

Price- INR 30 per plate.

Triveni Cafe- This is not a regular cafe which serves burgers, pizzas or fries. It serves Indian food and the place houses a plain nice ambience.

We tried the crispy Palak (spinach) Fritters with sweetened curd and Veg Shammi Kabab. Both were bang on! And, also Chicken Thali and Filter Coffee. Everything is fresh, and the menu changes with the weather and seasons.

If you are ever coming to Delhi, want to bring relatives over, then, this is the best place you can take them too! Definitely a must visit.

Nathu Sweets- No, we were not eating, we were hogging on their Chhole Bhature. They are just so good! Our day was made with huge puffed Bhaturas which had the inside of it lined with churned daal and yellowish brown flavourful Chhole which were semi-dry.

It was served with green chillies, sliced onions and meethi (sweet) chutney made from tamarind.

Price- INR 130 per plate.

Bengali Sweets- Have the Nolen Gur Rasgulla! It is a soft, lucious, boiled cottage cheese ball which is sweetened with Nolen Gur, a winter special date palm jaggery. This jaggery is not even available in Delhi. It is imported in tonnes all the way from West Bengal.

Rabri Rasgulla is also worth trying. It is baked mildly in the oven and then served cool when it sits down for sometime.

Fun Fact- They were the first to introduce Bengali sweets in Delhi.

Price- INR 25 per piece.

Sheetal Paan Stall- Let us first appreciate how beautiful all the paans look! A colourful mixture sitting on a dark green betel leaf! We ate the sweet paan and it was just the perfect way to end our food tour.

Watch the video to enjoy the entire listicle!

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