Mangalorean Breakfast Trail

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Officially known as Mangaluru, Mangalore is an important port city situated on the Konkan coast bustling with fishermen loading their catch into baskets for selling in the market or for storage. Known as the Gateway of Karnataka, it is the second major city in the state in all aspects right after Bangalore.

With a plethora of delicacies in its lap, Mangalore is also a flavourful haven with several authentic savoury breakfast dishes for a deliciously healthy start to your day.

Come along as we take you through some of the best breakfast foods at two of the oldest eateries in the city:

New Taj Mahal Cafe

Kottige- Kottige, also known locally as Gunda is essentially made with the Idli batter poured into a casing made of jackfruit leaves giving it a distinct jackfruit aroma, served with a veggie filled Sambhar (a lentil based stew).

Rice Pundi- Rice pundi is a dish made with coarsely ground rice tempered with mustard and urad dal combined together to form the rice balls or dumplings and then steamed. It is served with a beautiful side of Bele Thove (moong dal) and chutney.

Biscuit Rotti- Crispy, crunchy and just a tad bit spicy, this popular snack is a definite must-have! It looks similar to a North Indian Kachori but is filled with a mixture of grated coconut, sooji (semolina) and various spices, served with a lovely coconut chutney.

Now, as you finally wash it all down with a delightfully strong but sweet cup of Filter Kaapi (filter coffee), let’s move on to the next:

Ayodhya Hotel

Pathrode- Pathrode is a spicy mangalorean style steamed roll prepared using rice and colocasia leaves. The pungency of the asafoetida, lentils and red chilli mixture in between each layer adds to the beautiful flavour notes of this amazing dish.

Kadpeere Podi- With a slightly bitter taste, Kadpeere Podi is a beautiful fried dish made of the seasonal vegetable, Kadpeere available during the rains. This small vegetable looks and states very similar to a bitter gourd.

Tojank Bijji- This fritter style dish is a seasonal delight enjoyed during the rains, made with the Thakara (Senna Tora) leaves and packed with healthy fibre-filled goodness. It’s a seasonal must-have for the locals.

Moode- This cylindrical rendition of the Idli is prepared by steaming the rice batter sealed in a casing of Pandan/ Screwpine leaves. Setting it apart from the usual Idli and Kottige, Moode has its own distinct flavour profile.

Garige- These jackfruit fritters are also known as Jackfruit Modakas, and have a delightful hint of cardamom.

Mangalore’s breakfast trail is filled with unique ingredients and packed with loads of flavours leaving you wanting for more. Make sure to not miss a chance to experience these delectables!

Check out some mouth watering glimpses of these stunning dishes by visiting the link below-

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