Motihari Food Tour

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Situated in the East Champaran district of Bihar, Motihari holds strong historical prominence from the time Mahatma Gandhi sparked off the Champaran satyagraha during the Indian Freedom struggle.

With strong traditional roots while Motihari aspires to attain the hallowed urban prosperity it has a wonderful gastronomical experience to offer along its streets sprinkled with unique cooking styles and flavours.

Check out the list below to find out about some of the must-tries of Moltihari.

Murki at Murki Mithai Shop- A traditional sweet made of freshly prepared Paneer (cottage cheese) cut into small cubes and cooked in sugar syrup until light brown and firm.

Rajbhog at Jagdish Misthan Bhandar- Soft and spongy, khoya stuffed chena balls cooked in a thin sugar syrup.

Chhena Gaja at Jagdish Misthan Bhandar- Served as small rectangular portions of well kneaded chhena cooked in a thin sugar syrup, Chhena Gaja is a slightly firm, light brown traditional sweet dish.

Tilpatti- A beautiful winter delicacy, Tilpatti is a crispy and nutty sweet treat made of jaggery and sesame seeds.

Lai ka Ladoo- A crispy and firm traditional sweet snack made of jaggery and lai (puffed rice)

Sattu ka Sharbat at Shree Vaishno Nashta Stall- A yummy,healthy and filling drink made with sattu (a fine flour made by crushing dry roasted soaked black chickpeas), water, chopped onions, green chillies, rock salt and dry roasted cumin powder.

Bhunja at Shree Vaishno Nashta Stall- A zesty snack made of a mixture of flattened rice (chura), puffed rice (muri), peanuts, sev, chopped tomato, radish and mustard oil.

Tamatar Chup at Shree Vaishno Nashta Stall- A soft and tart tomato fritter made with pieces of tomatoes seasoned with spices, dipped in a batter of Besan and deep fried until golden brown.

Noon Paani Fry at Soni Hotel- A unique and healthy oil free mutton curry prepared by first sauteing the mutton with dry red chillies, green chillies, crushed garlic and black pepper and then covering it with water leaving it to simmer until the meat is thoroughly cooked.

Mutton Ishtoo at Soni Hotel- A rich and flavourful slow cooked, semi dry mutton curry made using mustard oil, onion, garlic, ginger, chillies and some aromatic spices.

Pressure Cooker Coffee at Rajesh Coffee Stall- A frothy and milky coffee prepared using a pressure cooker modified into a coffee maker machine. The sealed vessel contains boiling water that generates steam which escapes through a valve-regulated delivery pipe and froths up the milk and coffee mixture.

Kebab at Jaiswal Meat House- A delicious grilled appetizer made with mutton marinated in black pepper, salt and turmeric and grilled over charcoal or wood fire.

Champaran Meat at Jaiswal Meat House- An iconic mutton dish packed with flavours containing onion, garlic and spices such as black pepper, garam masala, turmeric and chilli. It is cooked for an hour or two in clay pots.

Tip: For a delightful end to your food tour, don’t miss out on a customary Paan from Keshav Paan.

Embellished with delicious traditional and rustic flavours, Motihari’s delicacies are a cultural experience as much as culinary. The fascinating ways of this region are definitely worth exploring leaving you with a one of a kind feeling.

For some beautiful glimpses of these rustic cuisines, refer the links below-

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