Muzaffarpur Veg Food Tour

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Through the bustling lanes of Muzaffarpur, emanates a feeling of warmth and welcome as the eateries and street shops see visitors young and old from in and around the city coming in to savour the lovely delicacies around. Aptly known as the Land of the Shahi Litchi, this important trade center of the state of Bihar is a leading producer of the deliciously succulent fruit, Litchi.

Come along as we take you through a delightful tour of some of the must try vegetarian dishes that Muzaffarpur has to offer.

Makhan Shah Halwai-

Nashta Thali- A set snacks platter that consists of whole wheat flour based puris, a simple panch phoran flavoured aloo chana curry, malpua and jalebi.

Price- INR 30 per plate

Ram Bharan Aloo Kachalu Wale

Ghugni Muri- This simple snack consists of a mixture of muri (puffed rice) and chopped onions, that is topped with a spicy kala chana based curry called ghugni.

Price- INR 10 per plate

Aloo Kachalu- A zesty boiled potato based snack that that is available in different variations. This one consists of a mildly spiced potato curry that is served with some basic spice mixes and seasoning.

Price- INR 10 per plate

Hotel Bahadur

Sev Buniya- this popular snack is a delightful combination of crunchy and savoury sev and sugar syrup filled buniya. both of them are made with besan.

Price- INR 25 per 100g

Chintu Ji Dahi Puri Wale

Dahi Puri- This yummy snack consists of crisp and hollow small-sized puris that are stuffed with spiced boiled potato based mixture (mash) and topped with curd, sweet chutney, sev, some spice mixes, raisins and chopped cherries.

Price- INR 25 per p-late

Special Pav Bhaji

Pav Bhaji- This distinctly flavourful thick curry is made with veggies like cabbage, cauliflower, potatoes, capsicum, tomatoes, spinach etc. that are first sauteed, then mashed and are further cooked with butter, a pre cooked garlic chilli masala and a unique spice mix. It is eaten with buttery pav.

Price- INR 70 per plate

Hari Ji Kachori Ghugni Stall

Choti Kachori- This popular snack consists of a sattu stuffed kachori that is topped with a spicy chana based curry (ghugni), sev, coriander chutney and sliced onions.

Moong Dal Kachri- Tiny fritters made with a coarsely ground paste of soaked moong dal, ginger and chillies

Aloo Chup- This disc-shaped snack is made with a small portion of spiced boiled potato based mixture (mash), that is dipped in chickpea flour batter and deep fried till golden brown.

Pyaju- Crispy fritters that are made with roughly sliced onions, besan, carom seeds, nigella seeds, chilli powder and salt.

Price- Approximately INR 20 for all

Kali Paan

Jamun Sharbat- A refreshingly fizzy drink that is made with jamun (black/Java plum) concentrate, sugar syrup, soda water, some spices and rock salt.

Special Paan- Special fragrant paan that is stuffed with sweet and astringent mouth freshening ingredients.

Price- INR 30

Sundar Maharaj Peda Wale

Dalmoth- This crunchy, spicy and zesty snack is a mixture of deep fried chana dal and moth dal, some spices and seasonings.

Maa Bhawani Chaat Bhandar

Aloo Tikki Chaat- This popular snack consists of a lentil stuffed, kasuri methi flavoured pan fried potato patty that is topped with yellow peas based curry, sweet and green chutneys, curd, onions and spices.

Price- INR 20 per plate

Bindeshwar Ji ki Dukaan

Beguni- Crisp fritters made with thin slices of brinjal and chickpea flour based batter.

Price- INR 3 per piece

A unique and varied gastronomic experience is a definite guarantee during your sojourn in this city, consisting of not just savoury but also pleasingly sweet desserts. Stay tuned to find out about these must try desserts of Muzaffarpur. .

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