Muzaffarpur Non Veg Food Tour

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An exploration of Muzaffarpur’s elaborate culinary trail is definitely incomplete without indulging in the various non- vegetarian delicacies the city has to offer. The fourth most populous city of Bihar and an important trade center, Muzaffarpur is a bustling affair of people and the streets a flavourful evidence of the populace’s love for rich and robust meat delicacies.

Find out the best dishes and eateries to try here for a delightfully delicious experience-

Amar Meat

Mutton Taas- A rich and flavourful semi dry mutton curry made with marinated mutton cooked in a generous amount of mustard oil, along with some in-house spice mix and seasonings and usually eaten with dry roasted flattened rice.

Price- INR 180 per plate

Tip: While moving on to the next culinary stop, savour some herbal tea at-

Satyendra Tiwari Herbal Tea

Herbal Lemon Tea- A unique and healthy, lightly brewed lemon flavoured tea containing an amazing handmade spice mix in it. The 14 ingredients spice mix contains cloves, dry ginger, harad (Terminalia chebula), cardamom, cinnamon, rock salt, pepper etc.

Price- INR 5 per cup

Tripti Meat Paratha Corner

Meat Paratha- A delicious combination of crisp and flaky paratha and rich and flavourful, semi dry mutton curry made with a onion, ginger and garlic based masala paste and a vast array of aromatic Indian spices.

Price- INR 135 per plate

Hyderabadi Biryani (customised version)- A mildly spiced, aromatic mutton biryani (flavourful rice and meat based delicacy) resembling the Hyderabadi style biryani. It is made using a vast array of Indian spices along with some kewra essence and mitha itar (edible perfume).

Price- INR 120 per plate

Godi- It is a rich and distinctly flavourful semi dry curry made with goat trotters, onion, ginger, garlic and common Indian spices.

Price- INR 100 for two pieces

Tirhut Chicken Taas Corner

Chicken Taas (customised version)- A semi dry chicken dish made with marinated chicken pieces shallow fried in mustard oil on an iron griddle, along with onions, tomatoes, green chilies and basic Indian spices.

Price- INR 350 per kg

Arvind Banarasi Bhunja

Bhunja- This oil free snack is a mixture of dry-roasted peanuts, rice grains, chana, flattened rice, corn kernels and corn flakes. All these ingredients are instantly dry roasted over hot salt, mixed together and served with a hand pounded chutney made with chillies, garlic and ginger.

Price- INR 20 per 100g

Varieties Snak

Chicken Egg Roll- A simple snack consisting of a maida based flatbread that is pan fried with beaten eggs, then layered with ketchup, chili sauce, vinegar flavoured fried onion and chicken mixture, sprinkled with some in-house spice mix and is finally folded into a soft, crunchy and succulent roll.

Price- INR 25 per roll

Fried Momo- A crispy and hearty, chicken stuffed, deep fried pastry that resembles a gujia (traditional Indian sweet) in shape and appearance.

Manpasand Fast Food

Paratha Chicken Chilli- This popular street food. is a delectable combination of Paratha (pan fried maida based flatbread) and chicken chilli which is a spicy, semi dry, Indo Chinese style chicken preparation.

Price- INR 80 per plate

Bablu Fast Food

Chicken Lollipop- Crisp and tender, double fried chicken dish made with chicken leg pieces dipped in a batter of corn flour and eggs and then deep fried. It is served with dhaniya chutney, sliced onions and sliced cabbage.

Price- INR 45 per piece

Tip: For a most meal treat and a lovely palette cleanser stop by for a Special Paan at-

Prakash Paan Bhandar

Special Paan- Special fragrant paan stuffed with a variety of astringent mouth freshening ingredients like supari, saffron, chuna, katha etc.

Price- INR 35

Coming to an end of this delicious non vegetarian saga at Muzaffarpur with several delicacies yet to be explored, we highly recommend you to experience the magic and let the flavours of Muzaffarpur’s streets consume you!

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