Muzaffarpur's Must-Try Sweets

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Known for producing excellent quality and aromatic litchis, Muzaffarpur is a treasure trove of all things cultural and culinary. With eateries and shops having maintained their crowd pulling abilities for years, their desserts have especially won the hearts of many who still visit these places regularly to savour the best.

Explore Muzaffarpur’s trail of bountiful desserts for all your insatiable sweet tooth needs and indulge in the best and the most luscious traditional sweets at the following shops and eateries-

Hotel Bahadur

Lavanglata/ Launglata- This sweet is made with a maida and besan based dough sheet that is stuffed with a mixture of khoya and dry fruits and is folded into a particular shape where the loose end is sealed with a laung (clove), then deep fried till it turns golden brown and is finally dipped in sugar syrup.

Price- INR 15 per piece

Bharat Jalpan

Rasmadhuri- This traditional sweet consists of rasgullas soaked in saffron and kewra flavoured reduced milk that has dry fruits in it.

Price- INR 48 per piece

Balushahi- This disc shaped sweet is made with a small portion of chena (cottage cheese) that is cooked in sugar syrup till it becomes firm.

Price- INR 20 per piece

Chena Khajoor- These are small sized gulab jamuns that are made with khoya, chena (cottage cheese) and sugar.

Price- INR 400 per kg

Gond pak- This dark brown coloured sweet is a chocolate-like fudge that is made with khoya (evaporated milk solids), ghee, sugar, gond and dry fruits that are cooked together for a very long time.

Price- INR 25 per piece

Maharaj Dugdh Bhandar

Rasgulla- This soft and spongy, white-coloured traditional sweet is made with chena (cottage cheese) balls that are cooked in sugar syrup (having a thin consistency).

Price- INR 330 per kg

Lal Mohan- This soft, traditional sweet is a deep fried chena (cottage cheese ball that is soaked in sugar syrup.

Price INR 380 per kg

Raskadam- This unique sweet consists of a firm and dense flavoured rasgulla that is encased in a layer of khoya coated with posto dana or poppy seeds.

Price- INR 400 per kg

Methi Ladoo- This traditional wintertime sweet is made with fenugreek seeds powder, milk, ghee, whole wheat flour, grated coconut, sugar and dry fruits. It has a distinct flavour that comes from the fenugreek seeds.

Sindhi Sweet Shop

Topi Khaja- This multi layered, deep fried, glazed sweet snack that resembles a particular kind of traditional Indian cap, is made with maida and sugar. It has a firm texture.

Sundar Maharaj Peda Wale

Peda- Soft, dense and smooth cardamom flavoured traditional sweet. It is made from freshly made Khoya obtained by evaporating sweetened milk on a low flame.

Price- INR 300 per kg

With this we come to an end of Muzaffarpur’s widely varied and deliciously sweet trail of desserts which was definitely worth indulging in. Do not miss out on exploring these delectable sweet treats along your way here in Muzaffarpur.

For a glimpse of these mouth watering sweet treats visit the link below-

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