Mysore Food Trail

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Known for its heritage structures and palaces, Mysore is a city located in the southern part of Karnataka.

Popular amongst people all over the world, Mysore receives a huge number of tourists every year and fascinatingly has lent its name to some very well known dishes such as the Mysore Pak and the Mysore Masala Dosa.

Come along as we guide you through some of Mysore’s specials, from different types of Dosas to delightfully sweet desserts:

Mylari Agrahara

Mylari Dosa- Super soft dosa served on a traditional banana leaf with onion sagu and coconut chutney.

Amruth Veg

Amruth Special Dosa- An exciting Dosa combo of Ragi Dosa, Pudi Masale and PLain Dosa served with Vegetable sagu, chutney and butter.

Hotel Vishnu Priya

Pongal- A popular rice dish from Tamil Nadu, made of moong dal and rice tempered with mustard seeds and various spices and served with a tamarind and coconut chutney.

Mallige Idli- Soft and spong, these Idlis are bright white in colour and derive their name due to their texture and resemblance to jasmine flowers.

Hotel Hanumanthu

Mutton Pulav- This mildly spicy greasy pulav is prepared over firewood and served on a dried leaf plate along with Raita (a south asian condiment made of curd). The taste is absolutely unique and a sure must have.

Uncle Lobo’s- Suggi Mane

Ragi Mudde- A sticky ball shaped dish made of Ragi (finger millets) and water. It is served with Nati Chicken curry and Mutton Kheema and is a wholesome meal popular in the rural areas of Karnataka and Andhra Pradesh.

Anima Madhva Bhavan

Paddu- Steamed balls made of rice and dal and served with chutney.

Nucchinunde- An old traditional steamed dumpling dish made of dal.

Gojjuavalakki- A popular breakfast dish made using beaten rice with Rasam powder and Tamarind.

Godhi Payasa- A kheer made with broken wheat, ghee and jaggery.

Guru Sweet Mart

Mysore Pak- Super popular and an absolute delight for anyone with a sweet tooth, Mysore Pak is made of gram flour, cardamom, ghee, sugar and turmeric.

Gayathri Tiffin Room

Green Dosa- A healthy dosa filled with three different greens, Spinach, fenugreek and coriander served with sagu and coconut chutney.

Bonda with Onion Sambar- Bondas made of Urad dal served with a non-spicy Onion Sambar.

VB Bakery

Dil Khush- A delightful puff pastry which is crunchy on the outside and stuffed with loads of sugar, coconut and cherries.

Badam Cold and Hot Milk

Badam Milk- Right beside VB Bakery, you can treat yourself to some yummy Badam milk which goes splendidly with the Dil Khush.

Dosa Point

Mysore Masala Dosa- Loaded with butter, this crispy dosa is topped with a spicy red chutney and stuffed with a delicious aloo masala (potato filling).

Food Street

Pizza Dosa- A crispy thin dosa topped with a plethora of delicious ingredients such as cheese, corn, capsicum, onions, paneer and spices.

Tip: On your way from Mysore to Bangalore, don’t forget to stop by Maddur, a small town synonymous to the iconic century old dish called Maddur Vade. You can try them at the Maddur Tiffanys Restaurant. They are a special kind of vada made of onions from Nasik, semolina, all purpose flour and rice flour served with a coconut chutney.

They also serve a dish called Special Vada, which is yet another type of crispy vada containing poppy seeds and cashews as well.

With this we come to the end of a delightful culinary experience in Mysore, punctuated with appetizing flavours and a wide variety of dishes worth indulging in.

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