North Kolkata Food Tour

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Every nook and cranny of North Kolkata is steeped in history, much of which dates back to the colonial era. This place has a surreal vibe of nostalgia attached to it.

Chittaranjan Mistanna Bhandar

It almost seems unnatural to even begin a food tour in Kolkata with anything other than the heavenly rosogollas! Well if you find yourself in northern Kolkata craving for those scrumptious treats, go no further for this place is popular for serving the best rosogullas in the entire area. And all we can say is, that fame is well-deserved!

Putiram- College Street

This entire street, dotted with bookstores and some of the oldest schools and colleges, houses a variety of street food to devour. Putiram is a century-old shop, selling some of the most soul-satisfying sweets and breakfast snacks, such as radhaballabhi, cholar dal, aloo dum and misti doi. With a rustic old-vibe, under their roof you’ll find students, teachers and locals enjoying these delicacies, a wholesome experience all in all.

Indian Coffee House- College Street

With an alluring vibe that reeks of a colonial hangover, this café is a hot-spot for college students, professors and office goers to wind down and enjoy some coffee and snacks. Their black coffee called Infusion is a must for ‘em caffeine-lovers!

Dilkhusa Cabin

This 102-year-old spot comes with a story, wherein this was one of the cabins that used to provide a private eating space to women from aristocrat families to try European snacks. They majorly serve cutlets, snacks and a dish called bhetki kabiraji, which might be a greasy affair but delicious anyway. ‘Kabiraji’ is a distortion of the word ‘coverage’, referring to the coating of egg and flour over the fillet.

Favourite Cabin

How about we tell you that you can enjoy some scrumptious snacks and tea under the same roof as Netaji? This epic eatery, that today witnesses groups hanging out and having discussions, used to witness eminent freedom fighters and intellectuals from gone era.

Ghosh and Co.- Bidhan Sarani

This famous shop is known for its unique variety of sweets, especially the iconic Bengali sweet Sandesh. Our recommendation here would be their chocolate Sandesh, which is a balanced creamy delight!

Girish Chandra Dey and Nakur Chandra Nandi

Where better to have some palatable Sandesh than from a kitchen that has been preparing them for over a century! Your sweet tooth wont be deservedly satisfied without trying their coveted Jalbhara, Mohini Sandesh and, if you have some space left, their coffee Sandesh.

Hedua Chaat Corner

Yet another historic eatery, it’s like time froze in these streets! Enjoy a hearty plate of singhara and tikiya chaat at Hedua Chaat Corner and bask in the ancient vibe of Kolkata.

Lakshmi Narayan Shaw and Sons shop

Head to this shop for some popular evening snacks called chops and enjoy the setting sun. their aam chop and beguni are particularly delicious.

Allen’s Kitchen

After a day full of such insane variety of snacks, wind down for some delicious prawn cutlet at Allen’s Kitchen. This fried prawn fritter, which is made using simple ingredients, is very delectable.

Mitra Cafe

Confused between having chicken or fish? Why not enjoy both! Here you can have some mouth-watering fish fry and chicken cutlets.

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