Old Ghaziabad Brunch Delicacies

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Old Ghaziabad is loaded with street food in its busy streets. There are a lot of traditional food items that have made their way into our hearts! Let’s take you through!

Saiyan Ji Puri Wale- Indian food has its own craving. Getting up to a plate full of puffed puris (fried bread), spicy potato curry, tangy pumpkin sabzi, coriander chutney and boondi wala raita (curd with very tiny soaky balls in it) can bring a glow on anyone’s face!

Our tongues are adapted to spicy food and with crisp puris and all, it's something you can never say no to! This is basic much loved household food. Their dough is unique because they mix two doughs to produce one. One is the plain one, the other one is the spicy one!

We also tried a sweet called Mohan Bhog. It was a dense mixture of sugar and milk, almost resembling a pudding but very grainy in texture.

Price- INR 40 per plate.

Lalman Lassi Wale- This stall has been here since 1976. And since then, they have been serving Lassi, that too, just one type. No other varieties available here.

Their Lassi is hand churned and the curd they use is set in an earthen pot. It is a sweet curd based thick luscious drink. The usage of earthen pots definitely lends some petrichor (saundhapan) to the lassi. It is garnished with a thick patch of cream.

Very traditional and refreshing!

Pandit Hotel- Navratra is a festival in India where Hindus fast for 9 days. Only certain kinds of food can be eaten during this time. So, we ordered a Navratra Thali. It had a tangy thin potato curry, pooris made from buckwheat and water chestnut based dough. There was a cooked rice kheer (pudding) and a few potato chips.

Because it's such a rare platter owing to its festive nature, it feels amazing to consume everything one by one. It feels very “Shudh!” (clean). Our favourite was the rice pudding which was mildly thick and not overly sweet.

Price- INR 150 per plate.

Lalaji Chaat Corner- Aloo Tikki (Potato Cutlet) is never a no no. This one had a twist , instead of wheat flour, water chestnut based flour was used. The tikki was pressed flat and pan fried until turned crisp. Then some thick consistency curd was poured over it with some honey, sugar chutney and a coriander chutney.

Price- INR 50 per plate.

Muskan Burger- We tried the Masala Hot Dog. A dense mash of spiced up boiled potatoes and beetroot was squeezed between two very buttery soft yet very crisp buns. There was also a slice of cottage cheese, tomato and onion placed in between.

It was very spicy and fulfilling!

Price- INR 35 per plate.

Porwal Ji Ka Nano Samosa- Samosa is a regular shape but Nano Samosa is smaller in size. It is a deep fried triangular pastry. If you order a plate, you’ll get three crushed samosas in it topped with sweet and sour chutneys.

Even if you are not a fan of samosas, you’ll not be able to refuse this plate!

Price- INR 10 per plate.

Arun Paan Corner- Paan is a betel life lined with slaked slime, areca nuts etc. It can be made as per the person’s preference. With this, we ended our gorgeous food tour.

The Ghaziabad food walk is still not over. There’s a part 3 as well. Meanwhile you can catch us behind the scenes in the video linked below!


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