Pahala/Salepur Rasogulla Tour

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‘The Unique Rosgullas from Odisha’


If one is to ever traverse between Cuttack and Bhubaneswar, one shall definitely make a detour to Pahala, a town famous for Odiya sweets. While one may be familiar with the usual, cold rasogullas from the northern parts of India, in contrast, the rasogullas here are served piping hot and are drenched in boiling chashni.

Apart from enjoying the warm and fresh rasogullas, one can also observe the unique preparation of the dough, which is prepared by by mixing chhena (cottage cheese) with sooji (semolina) and then boiled in chashni. The rasogullas are not excessively sweet in taste and supremely soft.

Another delicacy, apart from their famous rasogullas, is the chenna poda, which means burnt cottage cheese or it is the Indian style cheese cake. The method of preparing this is quite self-explanatory from the name, and is also available in the steamed version as well.


About half an hour away from Cuttack, is the sleepy town called Salepur. One must make a stop there for the famous Bikalananda Kar’s rasogullas. The production is mechanized and the rasogullas are prepared in different sizes by using electric boilers. The price ranges from Rs. 5 to Rs. 25, depending on the size of the scrumptious, brown rasogullas dipped in thick chashni.

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