Patna Non Veg Food Tour

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The bustling old streets of Patna, the capital of Bihar are undoubtedly a haven full of non-vegetarian food.

As the locals here are fond of fishes, chicken and mutton they have honed the art of a very distinct style of preparing these non vegetarian delicacies involving the use of set combinations of spices mostly in a freshly grounded form.

Hence from traditional dishes to fusion ones, it’s a melting pot of various combinations of spices and flavours serving a rustic yet intricate taste profile.

Check out our list below for some of the best eateries and street food shops of Patna serving these unique delicacies:

Daniyawan Fish Dhaba

Fish Starters- A delicious spread consisting of three kinds of deep fried fishes, Prawns (with and without shell), Rohu and Bachwa, marinated prior frying in garlic paste and salt.

Kasundi- This versatile condiment is a Bengali style mustard sauce that is tangy, sharp and piquant in taste.

Bater Curry- Rich and delicious quail meat curry prepared with shallow fried quail meat, mustard oil, onion, ginger, garlic and some basic Indian spices and seasonings.

Chicken Curry- Flavourful traditional chicken curry made with chicken meat, mustard oil, onion, ginger, garlic and some Indian spices and seasonings.

Local Fish Curries- A delectable spread of three kinds of local freshwater fish curries of Bachwa, Rohu and Chilwa, all cooked in a common gravy made with mustard oil, whole red chillies, cumin, fenugreek seeds, bay leaves, mustard paste, ginger paste, turmeric and salt.

Usna Chawal- It refers to parboiled or converted rice. Usna rice is obtained by partially boiling the native rice variants with their husks intact, boosting their nutritional value.

Tip: Stop by for some amazing Maghai Paan at Chaurasia Paan Mahal.

Blue Moon

Patna Egg Roll- This snack consists of an all purpose flour based flatbread that is pan fried with beaten eggs, layered with sliced onions, green chillies, chat masala, rock salt, pepper powder, an in-house spice mix, chilli sauce and ketchup and then folded into a roll.

Price- INR 25 per roll

Paratha Chicken Chilli- A super popular street food from Patna which is a delectable combination of maida based paratha (pan fried flatbread) and a spicy Indo Chinese style, semi dry chicken preparation called chicken chilli.

Devi Litti Chicken

Chuza Litti- A unique dish prepared by cooking fried littis and small-sized chicken together in a precooked gravy along with spring onions, sliced onions, tomatoes, chicken masala etc.

Price- INR 120 per plate

Mahangu Hotel-

Bihari Kabab- Uniquely prepared spicy and tender mutton kababs. These are made with thin strips of meat that are marinated in a papaya-onion paste along with garlic and spices for 3-4 hours, then tightly packed onto skewers and grilled on a low charcoal flame for nearly 45 mins.

Mutton Keema Goli- Deep fried meatballs made with a soft grounded meat mixture, that contains boiled minced mutton, onions, garlic, chillies, sattu, wheat, garam masala and other seasonings.

Mutton Curry- Distinctly flavourful, rich and thick mutton gravy prepared with mutton shanks cooked in mustard oil along with onion, ginger, garlic and some spices like black pepper, cumin etc.

Old Champaran Meat House-

Ahuna Meat- An iconic mutton dish made with garlic, onion, an in-house spice mix, green chillies and pre-smoked mustard oil cooked in a Handi (clay pot) sealed with wheat flour dough.

Patna is the answer to even the most insatiable of all palettes, containing in its streets some of the best non vegetarian delicacies there is to offer. With several drool worthy dishes waiting to be explored, put Patna on top of your travel destinations list for a truly unique culinary experience.

For a glimpse of these dishes, visit the links below-

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