Patna Vegetarian Food Tour

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Witty, genial and absolutely delightful, Patna houses a population proud of the busy city’s rich cultural heritage and history. As amusingly stated by a local, “jaha ho roz ghatna, usko kaha jaata hai Patna”, the essence of this city lies in every corner punctuated by a happening lifestyle and a dynamic populace.

Naturally, Patna boasts of not just a rich culture and heritage but also of several iconic and unique cuisines, a true reflection of the people and their passion towards their local delicacies.

Join us on an amazing exploration of some of these delectable vegetarian dishes in Patna from Litti Chokhas to Maner Ladoos and much more.

Nashte Ki Thali at Uday Ji Ki Dukaan- A pocket friendly breakfast platter consisting of hot and fresh Puris (a deep fried Indian bread), Jalebis (a very popular sweet Indian snack), a curry made of potatoes, kala chana (Indian Black chickpea) and spinach along with Dahi Vada made of Urad Dal and a savoury Boondi Raita (a condiment made of yogurt).

Price- INR 30 per plate

Kulhad Chai- A cup of traditional strong Indian milk tea.

Litti Chokha at Purani Litti Dukaan- An iconic Bihari dish which consists of Sattu (flour made of roasted chana) stuffed in baked whole wheat dough balls and then drenched in ghee. It is served with a runny, spicy mash of vegetables made of brinjals, tomatoes, potatoes, green chillies and coriander.

Chandrakala- Crispy, deep fried disk shaped pastries stuffed with a mixture of Khoya ( a dairy product) and dry fruits, dipped in sugar syrup.

Sev Bunia Dahi at Bhanu Sweets - A yummy combination of Sev (tuny savoury snacks made of Besan), sweet and syrupy Bunia (tiny, deep fried pearls made of Besan) along with fresh curd (optional).

Price- INR 30 per plate

Aloo Cut at Gupta Ji Fuchka Wale- A tangy, zesty mix of boiled potatoes with chana, roasted cumin powder, chilli powder, salt and tamarind pulp topped with fresh coriander.

Fochka (Fuchka) at Gupta Ji Fuchka Wale- Crispy hollow puris stuffed with a boiled potato filling and then dunked in a tangy and flavorful spiced water.

Bhunja at Nandu Shah Ji Bhunja Wale- A mixture of dry roasted rice grains, flattened rice, corn kernels, peanuts, dried yellow pea seeds and sprouted chana, this oil free snack is instantly roasted in hot salt and sand and served.

Price- INR 16 per 100gm

Maner ke Ladoo at Maner Sweets- Traditional spherical Indian sweet made of super tiny, deep fried pearls made of chickpea flour and soaked in sugar syrup, garnished with cashew nuts and melon seeds.

Price- INR 450 per kg

Belgrami at Maner Sweets- Traditional sweets made with chunks of paneer (cottage cheese) cooked in sugar syrup until firm and juicy.

Rajdhani Gilori at Rajdhani Paan- A special fragrant Paan (Betel leaf) stuffed with sweet and astringent mouth freshening elements such as Areca nuts, fennel seeds, etc.

Price- INR 30

An amazing city and an equally amazing experience is what Patna has to offer as we touch the tip of the iceberg that is Patna’s humongous collection of cuisines. Stay tuned as we take you through a tour of Patna's non vegetarian delicacies next.

For more insights into these delicacies and this busy city, click on the link below!

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