Rishikesh Food Tour

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Rishikesh is deemed as India's top spiritual destination. Located on the banks of river Ganges at the foothills of Himalayas, the city is a hub of spirituality, yoga, meditation and ayurveda. It is a serene place surrounded by forested hills and cut through by the mighty Ganges. This spiritual center with numerous ashrams and temples attained global prominence after the the most iconic and influential British Rock Band Beatles visited the place for learning transcendental yoga. Since then hordes of international visitors from different countries have been visiting this holy city in the quest for spiritual enlightenment. Let's check out some places.


It is a busy bakery overlooking the Lakshman jhula. Come here to spend some peaceful time with different kinds of fresh bakery items. The peanut cookies and almond triangle that we had tried were quite amazing.


There are two restaurants by the same name beside each other. Here you get all the popular Indian meal combos and snacks. The most fascinating thing about this place is the human mascot with elaborate and loud makeup who sits at the entrance to attract customers.


The nankhatai or Indian style shortbread is the best in the city and is fresh inside a small portable oven. Try them warm as that's how they taste the best.


It is a colourful shop stacked with fruits and veggies. They make different kinds of juices and shakes. We would recommend you to try the detox juice for a healthy boost.


It is a popular sweet shop that caters to our traditional sweet cravings. They have different kinds of halwa, ladoo, burfi etc to choose from.


It is a South India special eatery whose healthy fusion menu is super interesting. We loved their creativity in conjuring up dishes like Himalayan Pulao and spinach dosa.


This simple food stall is a hit with visitors both domestic and international alike. Our pick was Nutella banana momo, veg momo and chow mein. The taste was quite impressive.

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