Sakchi (Jamshedpur) Veg Food Tour

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Sakchi is a small neighbourhood in Jamshedpur that has a demography of a metropolis as people from all ethnicities live here as permanent residents. It is located in the center of the city and has numerous cinema halls and market places. Let's talk about some popular street food places from here.


Near Jubilee Park Main Gate

It is an old South Indian food cart that is run by a person from Chhattisgarh and is so popular that you will find it crowded at any point of the time. So when you are here do try their basic masala dosa, cheese, onion butter dosa and idli as these are the most preferred items in the menu. The onion potato masala, the sambar and the coconut chutney are amazing and as authentic as they can be


Near Basant Talkies, Sakchi Market

It is an old sweet shop that is named so because of its triangular structure. Visit it for their samosa and other fritters, kalakand and tea. They also stock a wonderful variety of rasgullas.


Jalebi Line, Sakchi

If you want to savour some quintessential snacks and jalebis then this is the place to come to. They also offer services for huge orders of the same. Also don't forget to notice a very special clock devised by the owner.


Next To Jubilee Park Gate, Sakchi

This is the place for a crazy cup of tandoori chai. Its smoky and earthy overtones will recharge you from the very first sip. Watching the dramatic process of the tea being prepared charcoal heated tumblers is a surreal and amusing experience.


Near Jubilee Park Main Gate, Sakchi

This place too served a brilliant cup of masala chai. They too serve it in clay cups locally known as chukka. The cardamom laced well brewed milk tea is truly divine.


Near Basant Talkies, Sakchi Market

The owner here is a huge fan of Bollywood actress Madhuri Dixit hence the place is adorned with her photos. As you step inside you are transported to a different glamorous world because of these posters. While admiring this unusual decor, place an order for their papdi chaat that is as vivacious as the vibe of the place or let's say a Bollywood movie.


Near Basant Talkies, Sakchi Market

Although they have a huge menu consisting of rolls and kebabs, you can try their classic egg roll for a traditional feel. It is a soft and succulent and pretty decent wrap made of egg layered paratha, some veggies and lime juice. The dishes here are quite pocket friendly hence it is frequented by the young crowd.


Near Basant Talkies, Sakchi Market

After the heavy roll you can hop to the adjacent Goli Soda Shop and gulp down a refreshing flavoured soda drink. This fizzy flavoured drink gives instant refreshment hence it is loved by all.


Beside Hosiery Palace, Sakchi Market

No matter how often you have them, samosas are always up on our list of Indian street snacks. And a popular name for this is Gauri Shankar Cabin. These are small sized, nicely flavoured with panch phoran and ghee. It is accompanied by a thin potato curry and sweet chutney. During winter time do try their palm jaggery based sweets like doodh puli etc.


Bhola Maharaj Lane

With a strong legacy, Bhola Maharaj Sweet shop is clearly a legend in the sweet business. Their humongous popularity is evident from their spacious shop that can now accommodate the crowd. They have a huge range of North Indian and native sweets. We would recommend you the soft, luscious and melt in mouth motichoor ke LADOO that is their oldest offerings.


SNP Area, Sakchi Market

The special thing about the kulfi at this place is that it is frozen in the traditional manner that is manually. Saffron and nuts flavoured reduced milk is poured into small moulds and placed in a huge round bottom vessel filled with ice and salt. This vessel is then repeatedly shaken in a rhythmic pattern which sets the milk. The result is a creamy and gratifying dessert.


Near Baradwari Flats, New Baradwari

For all Gol Gappe lovers out there, the best place to try it in Sakchi Jamshedpur is Shiv Sambhu GolGappa. With a brilliant tamarind coriander and mint flavoured water and an equally perfect potato mixture, the golgappa over here are truly irresistible. Also don't give their papdi chaat a miss.


Rajeev Gandhi Chowk, Kashidih Road, Sakchi

This betel shop attracts lots of customers but they don't have a live paan counter.


Bengal Club, Near Misti, Sakchi

They serve a very crazy frozen dessert called ice chaat. Yes you heard it right. It is perhaps named so because of the whole array of sweet ingredients that is heaped on a ball of ice shavings. Although it was a little high on the sweetness quotient it is irresistible.

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