Street Delicacies of Lajpat Nagar

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Lajpat Nagar is mainly a food heaven for Punjabis in Delhi. If you have two hobbies, EATING and SHOPPING, we definitely recommend this place to you (Jii, aap hi ki baat kar rahein hain)!

Ram Ladoo Food Corner- This is the identity of Lajpat Nagar. “Lajpat Nagar aaye aur ye nahi khaaya toh kya khaaya?” These are pakoras made from churned moong dal. The best part is, the taste and the quality of these balls has been as consistent as ever! It is served with shredded radish and pudina ki chutney.

Siyaram Chhole Kulche- Chhole is a zesty mash of boiled yellow peas which is marinated wholesomely in spices and tamarind pulp. With a dash of lemon and a confetti of chopped coriander, it takes the taste to the next level! There’s also a chilli on the side, in case the spiciness of the chhole is inadequate.

It is served with a very soft, fluffy, leavened bread called Kulcha.

Note- Unlike a lot of Chhola Kulcha shops opening in the afternoon, this one is for the evening visitors.

Price- INR 50 per plate.

Avantika Food Corner- We tried Chicken momos here. These are steamed dumplings. Adding their own twist, the filling of minced meat was slightly sauteed with onion, garlic, pepper and salt.

It is served with Bhayankar (Danger) red chutney. It is super hot and fiery. But there’s mayonnaise too as a complimentary dip.

Price- INR 70 per plate.

The Waffles Point- Desi Chinese has grown so much over the years that people get specific cravings for it. Indians love the thick, garlicky red gravys and extra spicy noodles. This is one of the places you can look upto to satisfy your taste buds.

We took our drooling selves to a Chinese Chaat which was loaded with noodles, chilli chicken, chicken kebabs (it's a desi chinese-moghul twist because the kebabs are dipped in the manchurian gravy) and chicken wings.

All in all, the mixed up platter is garlicky, peppery and tangy in flavour. There are also options for vegetarians.

Rajesh Banta Wala- It is a refreshing lemon flavoured carbonated drink which is served in a codd- neck bottle. To put it aptly, drowning in a fluffy sofa after exhaustive exercising is what this Banta felt like!

Price- INR 20 per bottle.

Due to the pandemic, we could not explore more but we will be back with yet another food walk from Lajpat Nagar, till then, watch the video below:

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