Street Food In Panjim - Part 1

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Goa, historically a Portuguese city, houses wonderful bars and cafes! If you are here and leave without trying their Fish Thali, Bhaji and local Beers, know that you have missed out on something huge! So, we have got a compiled list of the places we visited.

Cafe Bhonsle- Cafe Bhonsale is all about loyalty. Mainly the crowd here is of the older generations which indicates the strong presence this shop has been having ever since its establishment! It started in 1920.

If you are looking for typical Goan food anywhere in Panjim, this is the place you should go to! Here, we tried pav with alsana (black eyed peas) mix bhaji, tomato mix bhaji and mushroom mix bhaji.

Mix bhaji is a combination of two different curries. One is of dry potatoes and the other side has a more gravy tomato, alsana or mushroom. There were a variety of paos we tried, it is basically a leavened bread which is dipped in the bhaji and eaten.

Then there was the Goan samosa, a triangular fried patty which was stuffed with mustard flavoured veggies. There was also a green chilli fritter that we had our hands on! It was very spicy.

Casa Xetio- This place looks like a witch’s potion shop from the outside. It has that spooky old vibe and is an aged preserved beauty. Even the menu is a laminated torn brown (the coffee colour!) page. The shop does not have a pretentious vibe to it.

Here, we tried Cabo. It is a locally cherished, coconut based drink. Around 23% is the alcohol content in it.

Location- It is near the National Theatre.

Jila Bakers and Confectioners- This place is a sweet infatuation! We might be able to describe all the good desserts that happened to us but to even remember the experience would be like going all mouthwatering and barely being able to speak!

Bribe someone with their eclair and get things done. It is cream filled, super moist, gooey and light from the inside, something you might not have tried before! The outside was very flaky and it was topped with chocolate icing. The shape of it is not like a hotdog but round like a ball.

Next, we tried the Geneva Pastry. It is rectangular shaped and has a nutty mixture of coconut and cashews. It is the speciality of this place!

Third one was Melting Moments. It is a crisp bite sized coffee flavoured sweet treat. It was very crunchy and had a smoky flavour.

Chirag Bar and Restaurant- This is a bonus recommendation inserted in between. On a hot and humid day in Goa, you can go to Chirag Bar and chill with fingers curled around a big glass of chilled beer.

Ritz Classic- To savour the popular fish thali, we reached here! The elaborate thali had some quintessential konkani dishes like crab masala, prawn curry, fish xacuti, king fish fry, shevyo etc. The flavours were very distinct and amazing.

We also tried the goan chilli prawn and shark ambotik. Everything was inclined towards tangy and spicy.

Joseph Bar- This place is an old world charm with soulful ambience and beer. We have seen so far that the Goan bars have this rustiness to them! With a chilled beer which was very citrus and lemony in flavour, we relaxed, did some people watching and absorbed the hip surroundings.

Watch us in our fun element, exploring all these wonderful places around Panjim.

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