Street Food In Panjim - Part 2

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Goa is a hip paradise! More than peace, it is about colours, coconuts, beaches, guitar, some beer and fishermen. No party is ever complete without good food. And, Goa is a party with wholesome spicy, tangy food! The historical marvel that it is, the place has a very modern yet an old laid back portuguese character. Let’s dive into some more food!

Saligao Deck- Ros Omelette is a popular roadside dish of Goa. It is basically a fluffy, soft omelette on which chicken gravy is poured. It is topped with a few chopped onions and some lemon juice is squeezed over it.

Now we know why it's a popular choice! We loved it!

Mr. J. Teixzera’s Fast Food- This place is best known for its Chicken Cafreal. It is hot, flavourful, green coloured chicken curry which is prepared with fresh coriander, ginger, garlic, green chillies and some whole spices. With a soft delicate pav, an unleavened bread, it was just heavenly! Heavenly is cliche but just staging the adjective facts!

Costa Fast Food Cart- Every place has a celebrity food joint. For Goa, it is this! The place is crammed with people, no kidding. You have to go early or you will lose your chance at their steaks. So, the stakes (read steaks) are high!

A semolina marinated chicken steak is pan fried and is absolutely crisp. It is kept between a soft sliced bun, loaded with salad. There’s also a secret masala and thus, the overflowing crowd.

Bappa Juice Centre- This place was very dear to the late Manohar Parrikar, an Indian politician. He loved the Tender Coconut Shake here. And to follow the footsteps, we slurped the same. It was coconut meat, sugar and water. Very refreshing!

Location- It is in the Alankar Market. This market is a night market, open up to 3am.

If you want to catch a glimpse of us trying these amazing delicacies, you should watch the video below!

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