Sweet Mangalorean Breakfast Dishes

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Do you have an insatiable sweet tooth and would love to start your day with some super yummy desserts? If yes, then look no more because Mangalore has it all set for you.

Located between the Arabian sea and the Western Ghats, Mangalore’s huge variety of authentic delicacies is no secret. As amazed as the savoury dishes leave us, Mangalore is here to take it up a notch by presenting an exciting collection of sweet breakfast foods!

Brace yourselves as we go on an exciting journey exploring some of the best traditional and authentic sweet breakfast dishes of Mangalore!

Sanjeera at New Taj Mahal Cafe- Similar to the North Indian Kachori, Sanjeera is a sweet dish made with all purpose flour stuffed with a filling of semolina and coconut enhanced with the flavour of cardamom.

Turmeric Leaf Gatti at Ayodhya Hotel- Locally called as Manjal Eretha Gaatti, these rice dumplings are stuffed with coconut and jaggery with a nice kick of cardamom.

Cucumber Idli at Ayodhya Hotel- Made with rice, cucumber and jaggery, this dish is exactly what the name suggests. Soft and delicious, these idlis are topped with raisins and cashews and have different local names such as Southekayi Kadubu, Taushe Idli, Kadamb and Tekkareda Idli.

Ragi Manni at Ayodhya Hotel- A very healthy and delicious traditional dessert made with Ragi (finger millets), coconut milk and jaggery.

Nai Appa at Ayodhya Hotel- Made with rice, jaggery and coconut, Nai Appa is a traditional and authentic Mangalorean sweet dish.

Kalthappam at Ayodhya Hotel- A sweet and chewy pancake made using rice, jaggery, coconut and cardamom powder.

Payasam at Ayodhya Hotel- Filled with sago and nuts, this rice pudding is Anubhav Sapra’s personal favourite and a sure must-have!

Indulge in this sweet frenzy full of unique tastes and flavours and don’t miss out on a fun glimpse of these lovely dishes. Click below-


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