Vegetarian Paradise in Hyderabad

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I am sure by now people must’ve talked your ears off about the ‘Hyderabadi Biryani’ or the delectable kebabs that you can’t miss for sure. While we can’t deny that, you might be surprised to know that there is a whole gamut of vegetarian food that awaits you in this city! PG road in Secunderabad is one such hub where there are numerous little shops and stalls providing a wide range of vegetarian street food. This locality is brimming with a Sindhi and Gujarati vibe, but we’ll let the food talk. Then there are a few places around the Charminar as well.

Top and Tasty

Don’t miss out on their unique pav bhaaji. The pav is cut up into quarter-sized cubes and then unconventionally cooked with the bhaaji itself. The end result is a chaat-esque plate of pav bhaaji, with the zing of Manchurian flavor courtesy red chilli and garlic.

Shivaling Chaat Bhandaar

Running for over 30 years, their signature chaat has a unique set of complementing flavors from dahi and imli. This savory chaat is a Hyderabadi special matar chaat, topped with sweetened cured, sev and meethi chutney. It is noteworthy that the unorthodox warmth of this chaat doesn’t alter the taste even a bit.

Chachaji Food Cart

You might be familiar with the Gujarati delicacy called dabeli. Chachaji puts their own little twist to this scrumptious snack, with a zest of both sweet and spicy flavors. With a prominent flavor of mustard seeds and anardana, this crunchy dish is best complemented with the peanut chutney it is served with.

Dosa Verito

Brace yourself, for you might lose your head over the menu at this place. Dosa Verito offers 151 (yes that’s right) variations of dosas! Let us save you some pondering, go for their cheese macaroni pasta dosa for a fulfilling experience. This variation is creamy and cheesy and is served with an assortment of chutney. And also, you need not go any further for desserts, for they have a fix for your sweet tooth as well. That fix is what they call their ice cream dosa and it is, as Telugus say it, mast gundi!

Bombay Chaat House

Another unique take on the iconic Maharashtrian snack vada pav, this place serves some really delicious vada pavs. Unlike the conventional ones, these perfectly spiced vadas are topped with chopped onions and then heated from above. Well, with the tangs of imli and red chutney hitting hard, you’re in for a treat!

Famous Live Soda

As interesting as the name sounds, the owner is even more interesting and with a great sense of humor! With over 20 varieties of sodas, ranging from simple lime soda to flavors like ginger and pudina, the most iconic one to try here is their digestive soda. Infused with cumin and rock salt, this one is a must after a long day of food haul!

Spicy Venue, Jubilee Hills

This place serves some of the zestiest Andhra-style food in the city. The extensive spread begins with some staple ghee rice and some traditional dishes, both vegetarian as well as non-vegetarian options. Save some space for their apricot based dessert in the end, which is an absolute delight!

Rayalseema Ruchulu

The layout of Rayalseema curries here has a different spice level than the regular Andhra cuisine. Enjoy this tangy feast of vegetarian curries paired with either Ragi Sangati or Jonne Rotte.

Purna Tiffins

Oh, what a vegetarian dreamland! You can take our word when we say that you’ll have some of the most soul-satisfying idlis here. Head to Purna tiffins for finger-licking layout of snacks such as punugulu, mirchi bhajis, vades, babai idlis and upma dosa, with a side of the most spectacular chutneys. The babai idlis is the showstopper for this fiesta though, splattered with ghee and sprinkled with delicious karam podi.

Nimrah Cafe

Nimrah café and bakery is the most iconic joints near the Charminar. Its Irani Chai and the yummy assortment of biscuits especially the Moon and Osmania biscuits are worth the reputation. If you are visiting during Ramzan, then do try their special Jahangir which resembles a Gulab Jamun in taste.

Maatwala Doodh Wala

The Falooda and Lassi at the very popular are brilliantly luscious and refreshing.

Hameedi Confectioners

Don't forget to relish the most unique and indulgent Jouzi halwa that has a very interesting history behind it. The coin shaped almond and cashew burfis here are also a must try.

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