चम्बल के बीहड़ और बाग़ियों की कहानी

During the Morena trip, we had paid a short visit to the famous ravines located near river Chambal along with our gracious and dynamic hosts Mayak, Aman and Shivam. It is rugged yet beautiful terrain full of small hillocks. After witnessing the breathtaking river front and listening to the stories of the erstwhile dacoits, we reached Bhaweswari Mandir in Esha village. This famous shrine is located on the top of one such hillock. We partook of the prasad consisting of ghota and puri. After that we learnt about a slice of the place's history from the temple priest. Soon after we did a quick tour of the temple and departed for Morena. Watch the full episode to learn about some interesting facts about this region.

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