32 INCH India's LARGEST Parantha

In today's episode we are in Jaipur with our host Vinayak to relish a 32 inches humongous aalu paneer paratha that weighs around 4 kg and Madan Ji's famous jungli maas curry that is indeed a labour of love. Jaipur has a really amazing food scene adorned with old legendary eateries and some recent favourites.

Being well aware of Anubhav's love for khurchan, Vinayak took us to Laduram Nangram Mawawale to start the tour with some mishri mawa. Contrary to the name, mishri mawa contains milk solid with sugar and not mishri. It was fresh and creamy.

From there we went to Jaipur Paratha Junction whose humongous parathas have been drawing eyeballs. They have four different sizes of paratha in their menu that come in over 15 types of fillings. We went ahead to try the largest one which is 32 inches in diameter. Watching this monster paratha taking shape was a sensational sight. The cook meticulously filled it with a huge ball of paneer and potato mixture and then rolled it into a huge circle. The best part was in spite of its gigantic shape, it was properly cooked from both the sides. The paratha was served with chutney, white butter and curd. This beast is fit for 8 to 10 people so it is best enjoyed with family and friends.

From there we went to Magic Miles Traditional Food to try Madan Ji's famous meat curry. Our pick was the jungli maas or rustic style meat curry. In due course of the preparation we got to see the passionate aura of owner Madanji. His knowledge about traditional Rajasthani food is exceptional and so is his passion to serve it to the masses. The jungli maas cooked with great precision was very toothsome. We tried it along with bejad roti, dal and churma ladoo. His laal maas too has a great reputation.

After this hearty meal we went to Vinayak's cosy and vibrant contemporary eatery The Den whose colourful and artistic interiors exudes a homely and relaxing vibe. Here we tried one of their fusion dish the bajra bhel. The Den is a favourite haunt of the artists hence that day we got to witness a soulful performance by the amazing Yugm band.

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