Two of the most common things made in any Indian Household are Parantha and Chai. So the Delhi Food Walks Team sought to get a taste of them both, but with a twist. Our trip to Agra took us to Ram Babu Parathe Wale, known for serving over 36 types of parathas. Now that's a humongous variety! With paranthas ranging from the normal Aloo and Paneer stuffed to chocolate paranthas, this place has a lot to offer. And the icing on the cake is that these paranthas aren't your run-of-the-mill Tawa fried ones, these delicious stuffed discs are deep-fried in Desi Ghee for that extra oomph factor.

But we can never be satisfied with Just Desi Ghee fried Paranthas, so we headed down for some Chai. And Lo and Behold, there we were, standing with Kulhads filled with the famous Tandoori Chai. This smoking hot Chai has recently got every foodie's attention and rightly so. The process of cooking the Chai is as wonderful as the taste, and if it's slightly cold weather and you have a great company with you there is nothing better than a Kulhad of smoking Tandoori Chai.

Our Food Tours are always made interesting because of the inspiring stories of the people who serve these delicious meals. So Discover these new places along with us and experience the inspiring stories of every chef or chaiwala in the streets and lanes of India. #WalkwithDelhiFoodWalks

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