Allahabad Food Tour - Makhan ke ANDE - SAKODA (Spicy Pakoda) - Gulab Jamun (Allahabadi RASGULLA) 2/2

The sheer amount of food to try in Allahabad is insane. Trust us, if you start exploring the streets for food you will not be disappointed.

First Stop- Indian Coffee House

We started our day with the basics- coffee and keema omelette. Wait! Ok, not so basic. The keema omelette serves as the perfect start to your day. It is not too spicy and not heavy either, but it will keep your stomach happy and satisfied.

Second Stop- Sheebu Omelette Shop

If you’re looking for that perfect breakfast and chai combination, this is the place to be. This 35-year-old shop is known for serving some of the most buttery Bun-Omelette in the area. The omelette is very simple, it consists of onions, green chillies, and coriander and is cooked in a whole lot of butter. You can either go for the bun-omelette or a simple bun-butter, and boy do they use butter liberally! Enjoy all of this with a side of steaming hot chai.

Third Stop- VIP Rasgulla

For all those people who are going to get confused when they see Gulab Jamuns instead of Rasgullas, hold your horses' people! In Allahabad, the humble gulab jamuns are known as rasgulla. VIP Rasgulla is known for some of the tastiest gulab jamun. These gulab jamuns have dried fruits and cardamom in the filling as well. Truly delicious!

Fourth Stop- Dehati Rasgulla Shop

Another famous rasgulla/gulab jamun shop. These gulab jamuns are slightly darker in color since the khoya is cooked for a longer time is caramelized. These gulab jamuns are fried twice to get the deep dark colour that gives it a unique taste.

Fifth Stop- Sophiya Lawrence Betel Shop

The paan here is unlike any we have had. The stickiness that the normal meetha paan has because of the gulkand cannot be tasted in this paan. It is as smooth as butter.

Sixth Stop- Pandit Ji ki Chaat

When it comes to chaat we really let loose. We tried a number of different dishes here. The gol gappas served here are not your run-of-the-mill ones. They serve you gol gappa/pulki with a variety of fillings- with chickpeas and tamarind chutney, super hot and spicy sakoda curry, or with dahi and tamarind chutney. They also give the Allahabadi classic Sakoda in a kulhad. Sakoda is a fritter made with pulses and spinach and served in a curry that is super hot. The Hara Aloo or basically aloo chaat is quite unique, with flavors of coriander and green chillies. Then to cool oneself down, go for the dahi badas.

Seventh Stop- Nirala Mishtan Bhandar

Here we tried the aloo ki tikiya that is nicely fried in desi ghee. It is topped with tamarind chutney, yoghurt, aloo lachha. This dish is super crispy and super tasty. Here also get the Kaali Gajar ke Halwa and some of the best laddus we have tried in a long time.

Eighth Stop- Hari Ram & Sons

This shop has been since 1890 serving dried samosas to worldwide and a lot more. The samosa is stuffed with potatoes and fried in desi ghee. These samosas are supposed to have a shelf life of a month.

Ninth Stop- Raja Ram Lassi

Right across Hari Ram & Sons is this lassi shop. Their lassi comes in the good old kulhad. It is thick and creamy and is flavoured with some saffron, and topped off with a layer of cream and rabri.

Tenth Stop- Shri Radhey Ras Kunj Sweet House

Another unique discovery was Makhan ke Andey at this place. The butter is shaped like an egg and has a filling of khoya mixed with saffron which ends up looking like a yolk.

Eleventh Stop- Ahmad Kabab Centre

This place is a Kabab lover’s delight! We tried the roasted chicken, haryali chicken, roasted chicken wings, and nizami chicken tikka. Everything is beautifully marinated here that the spices have literally seeped into every part of the chicken pieces.

Twelfth Stop- Bukhara Mughlai Khana

Our final stop was all about home cooked food. This place is known for meals that are cooked at home and sold to people to spread the joy. Here we had some shammi kababs, boti kabab and mutton in khara masala along with some ulte tawe ka paratha and roomali roti. Each and every dish was not too spicy or oily and it tastes just like home.

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