An INCREDIBLE Yearly Wrap Up of DFW's Food Journey I Telling stories through food I #BourdainDay

Talking about inspirations in life who shape your journey and pursuits, our founder Anubhav Sapra has always maintained how influenced he is by Anthony Bourdain who was a legendary culinary explorer and storyteller. We too share his abiding curiosity for food stories from across regions and cultures. Through his iconic food shows and bestselling books, Anthony Bourdain took us on fascinating and profound culinary journeys to discover and understand the raw and real dynamics of the local food scenes from different parts of the globe. The quest was about the food that sustained the masses. So he was always seeking after stories of passion, resilience, grit, and hard work. Delhi Food Walks share the same ethos of furthering human connections through food and culture.

After his unfortunate and untimely demise in June 2018, his friends and well-wishers have decided to commemorate his birthday as Bourdain Day so that through all the remembrance and celebration of his inspiring pursuits, he lives forever. Hence on the eve of Bourdain Day today, we too bring you a wrap-up of this year's journey that has, like always, been inspired by the spirit and pursuits of this legend. It is a tribute to the master storyteller who hankered for authentic food experiences beyond borders and cultures.

So enjoy this quick roundup of our food escapades spanning from June last year till today. This magnificently gratifying journey wouldn't have been possible without the love and encouragement of all our well-wishers who find value in our pursuits, the faith, and support of all our stakeholders, and the passionate warmth of all the individuals who prepared the food and served it to us. We hope that we continue gathering such stories. We are ever grateful.

We also plan to continue with this initiative of publishing the yearly wrap-up of our food journey on Bourdain Day every year.

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