As a state rich in natural resources, the food of Chhattisgarh is wholesome and diverse. In this episode we have come to the home of our gracious host Kriti who is a menu curator and a culinary content creator from Raipur, to savour some traditional dishes from this state.

On reaching her home we were welcomed with tikhur ki kheer, a luscious pudding made of East Indian arrowroot along with some traditional snacks like farra and kachri. Kriti's father who is a Professor of Hindi and a writer, shared some riveting historical and cultural references about the state. Then we joined her mother in the kitchen for the meal preparation. What followed was a crash course in the state's culinary heritage that was so well articulated by the mother daughter duo. The thoughtful menu consisted of dishes from different parts of the state.

In no time they whipped up an elaborate spread containing rice, jimikanda ki sabzi, bohar bhaji, munga aalu badi, idhar kadhi chausela etc. We were awestruck by the effortless ease with which they prepared such time taking dishes.

Finally it was time to eat so we sat on the floor to enjoy the meal because that's the traditional way of eating. Everything was distinctively flavourful and wholesome. Kriti's mom guided us about what to pair with what. Surprisingly this no onion spread was indeed soul satisfying.

This was followed by an elaborate dessert spread consisting of doodh farra, podiya, chint ke ladoo and papchi. Heartfelt that to Kriti and her family for this thoughtful meal experience that acquainted us with an overview of the state's traditional food culture.

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